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Response Paper: What is an Argumentative Essay?




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An argumentative essay is a type of essay in which a solid argument is stated and is defended in
a logical way to change the point of view of others about that argument. In this way one tries to
persuade others by discussing ideas both against and in support of that argument. The critical
point in this type of essay is the selection of topic as a concrete statement, which is debatable
among the population and is known as thesis statement. The statement should be clear in itself,
meaning it should clearly depict the issue e.g. House is not important for living. For this purpose,
one should have an extensive knowledge about the topic, a complete literature review is required
that one may know what ideas are agreed by the population and on which they oppose. This may
facilitate one in getting the information and evidence to support the topic.
One way to support your opinion regarding the topic is by creating an anti-thesis statement. This
will facilitate in further providing the evidence that the original statement dose exist. The essay
should contain both the supporting ideas with complete evidence as well as the refuting one’s
that are accepted by others. Simplified or vague terms should be avoided as they do not clearly
depict the opinions.
The formulation of essay should contain, introduction, background of statement, thesis
statement, supporting and opposing statements or evidences to thesis statement and conclusion.
All these steps should have transitions between them, should be logically explained with
convincing ideas and conclusion should be logical enough thus changing the mind of readers
towards your opinion.

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