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The Most Dangerous Game
This story revolves around the hunter named Rainsford who is a big sport hunter and is on his
way to hunt jaguars on Ship-Trap Island. Rainsford is presented as a hardhearted hunter who
takes hunting as a pleasure. The conversation between Rainsford and Whitney depicts that
Rainsford is skeptic and thinks that prey (like animals) do not have feelings and killing them is
ok. He demonstrates the hierarchical relationship between the man and the beast that a man is
supposed to kill the animal by nature. Whitney on the other hand seems a soft hearted person to
him when he says’
"This hot weather is making you soft, Whitney. Be a realist. The world is made up of two
classes--the hunters and the huntees. Luckily, you and I are hunters."
During the journey on a ship we find that he fell into the water and lose contact from Whitney
and others on the ship. He swims in the water by the sound of a gun shot which took him to the
hunters who were really engaged in the dangerous game. General Zaroff was the main character
who was indulged in this most dangerous game i.e. he was hunting humans instead of animals.
According to him animals have no more potential to make that game more interesting so he has
been capturing and hunting sailors and other dregs of society.
Many years of hunting experience makes Rainsford a beast from inside who is desensitized in
committing this violation. This rather encourages him to find more dangerous preys to hunt
which will further boost his confidence in hunting. This confidence may kill his internal
humanity that they are even ready to hunt those living beings that are not supposed to hunt
normally. After reaching to Zaroffs’ place, he thought he reached the right for what he was
searching for and where he was welcomed warmly. Both discussed the experiences of their

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games where we see that Zaroffs’ game was more dangerous than Rainsford where loser always
dies when he said, "It's a game, you see," If my quarry eludes me for three whole days, he
wins the game. If I find him "--the general smiled--" he loses."
Zaroff hints that he has found a new kind of animal to hunt; one with courage, cunning, and
reason but Rainsford’s initial confusion turns him to slowly realize that the general now hunts
human beings not animals. This shows that Zaroff targeted Rainsford as his next prey of his
dangerous game of which Rainsford was not aware of at first. But later he read his mind as he
himself a skilled hunter and knows how hunter looks towards their prey.
Meeting the general Zaroff was a learning lesson to Rainsford because he was a skeptic and
thinks that prey (like animals) do not have feelings or thoughts and killing them is not a big deal.
Later story demonstrates that Rainsford himself becomes the prey of hunter general Zaroff who
is expert in hunting the man. This means that the hunter i.e. Rainsford becomes the prey or
huntee. This might be from God Who wants him to experience what the jaguars or other animals’
feels or thought when they become a prey of his game. He is in the place of jaguar in the story,
about which he says, “Who cares how a jaguar feels?” Now the cruel hunter is Zaroff who is
inhuman from inside, ignoring him what he feels or thought, want to take his life at any cost to
seek pleasure. His feelings have no meanings for him and his life is in the hands of cruel person.
We can say he is punished for what he has done inhuman during hunting in past.
He was running in the jungle to save his life at any cost and general left him first day in order to
make the game more interesting. Rainsford was a skilled hunter and want to live any way so he
made a trap for the general which was disturbed by his hounds at first. He attempted to build it
again but this time, he himself became its victim and later succeeded in escaping from that.

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General Zaroff thought that his prey was dead but later found him in his house standing behind
the window curtains. This shows the surprised ending of the story that the prey is still alive
revealing that Rainsford has won the game as Zaroff congratulates him on having him in his
room, “I congratulate you," he said. "You have won the game." He was probably honoring him
and showing him the way to move out safely from the Island but the past three days have made
Zaroffs’ prey i.e. Rainsford more hardened who may possibly want to take the revenge from his
killer which is depicted from his words "I am still a beast at bay." This means his life never
changed and the cruel hunt continues although he had learned the lesson that how the prey feels
when hunter is behind it to kill. The ending line of the story further adds in his firm attitude,
‘He had never slept in a better bed,’ Rainsford decided.
Rainsford was the only survivor at the island. He might have killed the Zaroff or let his hounds to
eat him. He was interested in winning the trophies rather than killing humans unlike Zaroff who
love to lay on the bed of dead.
These words above clearly depict that he was expecting more than what the general enjoyed after
having a successful hunting task and love to lay on the bed of dead whom he hunt. Lying on the
bed of dead (his huntees) provided him with great satisfaction, pleasure and a feeling of winning
the prey. But Rainsford wants to take the joy in more brutal way that may break all the ethics and
respect of humanity. This shows that his life changed but not in the positive way, rather making
him more inhuman than Zaroff which would be a great threat for the world.

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