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The Sniper
The story sniper is presenting the scenario of Irish civil war that was held in early 1920’s
between the Republicans and Free staters. The Free Staters demand Ireland’s independence from
Britain and the Republicans condemn the separation. This civil war in Ireland is one of the many
conflicts that are done in past in the wake of First World War. Many deaths and casualties occur
in a very short period of time as result of that conflict.
The quintessence of that civil war is portrayed in ‘The Sniper where the young sniper of the IRA
Republicans encounters the sniper of free staters in downtown Dublin, near the O’Connell
Bridge. It further tells us that how the soldiers participating in the war are desensitized to violent
behavior and ready to commit deaths of their own people. As we see at the end of the story, the
one on which the sniper is happy after killing as his enemy, is actually his own brother which
then seems to him so regretful and painful. It implies that members of same family fight in
opposite sides of war. The natives of the same country are regarded as the brothers and civil war
let these people to fight against their own brothers i.e. violence against their own natives.
The statement that modern Ireland is influenced by the outcome of the violence in the early
1920s is some way or other correct. This civil war contributes a lot in building the character of
the Irish nationals and also the prevalence of bitterness that have disturbed the political and
social life of Irish natives to the present day. Two opposing political parties of Ireland i.e. Fianna
Fail and Fine Gael, are thought to be emerged (descendents) from the two opponents (Republican
and Free staters) of that civil war. The descendents of the two civil war opponents become
politicians and run the political parties in present day Ireland. This civil war also give birth to
Irish Defense Forces that separates itself from country’s affairs and act as a UN’s peacekeeping
force that conduct many operations around the world. The IRA still exists in its form as in 1940’s

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it attacks the southern part of the country which than becomes the Republic of Ireland and
continue their efforts to remove British influence from Northern part of the country.
Paul V. Walsh, (1998). The Irish Civil War 1922-1923. NYMAS.
Coakley and Gallagher. (1999). Politics in the Republic of Ireland.

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