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Short Constructed Response on topic The use of Force




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This story illustrates the classic case of physical battle between the patient and the doctor in
order to diagnose a disease. According to the author, the patient’s name is Mathilda, who is a
little girl and for whom doctor is called for the identification of infection. Her parents are in fear
that she might be suffering from diphtheria which is considered as dreadful at that time. So, they
called the doctor to save her life but the girl is reluctant to do so thus, create a scenario of battle
field between the doctor and herself. As title ‘THE USE OF FORCE’ indicated that doctor
forcefully prepare the patient for the diagnosis in which he remains successful at the end.
This doesn’t mean that he starts his diagnosis by using the force on the patient. He is a
professional doctor and the patient is a little school girl, he knows children of her age are usually
reluctant in their behavior during diagnosis. They might have a fear of taking medicines or of
injections that are given in diseases. It is narrated in the story that doctor first asks the girl to
open her mouth kindly, but she resists than he shifted to firm attitude, this also has no impact on
girl’s resistance. Finally doctor decided about the use of force to let the girl open her mouth so
that he can clearly observe her mouth for any sign of diphtheria. For most the readers it seems
unjustified that doctor is behaving brutally with the girl as the doctor are considered to be the
rescuers from diseases they should not treat the patients like that.
But, in my point of view he is doing justice with the girl or we can say he is justified because he
is there to identify the disease at any cost. If he cannot do that how can he suggest the cure of the
diseases and if the girl is really suffering from diphtheria (which she was, told at the end of story)
than her life is at risk because it is stated that this disease is a great threat to life at the time of
that story. The little girl is not letting the doctor to examine her, how can she come to know that

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she is suffering from deadly disease. She is not realizing the severity of that disease so doctor
who is a trained professional, older and wiser, can use any means to save her life.

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