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COLD WAR (1947-1965)
Cold war is the term that was used to refer to the tension that developed between the USA
and the Soviet Union after the Second World War. In involved a clash of different ideologies-
communism and capitalism- each formed the basis of worldwide power scramble with both sides
campaigning for popularity, using every opportunity. During this period 1947-1965, the USA set
up some goals. In this essay, I will discuss the goals of USA during this time frame. In this
discussion, the goals are tackled together with the policies that enabled their realization.
The first goal was USA battling for supremacy and they came up with the foreign policy.
This was financial aid that was to be given to weak nations that were to embrace capitalism, but
the communist’s nations were not to benefit. This was done by monetary supply to these weak
countries so that they could rebuild themselves and alleviate communists’ threat. In harry
Truman’s joint address before the Congress, he talks about some nations that need to be given
financial aid. Truman cites an example of Turkey and Greek; he says that Greece’ economy is
weak and that the USA should consider helping her. He says that USA should be obliged to help
Greece reconstruct herself. He also notes that America needs to cushion Greece against
communism. Truman draws attention of the congress by talking to them on need to use the funds

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available to aid Greece government to build her administration and thus an Economy that
supports democracy. President Truman also says that Turkey is in the similar state as Greek thus
needed attention. He proceeds to explain that, through the foreign policy, the USA aims at
making a good living condition for the nations that support her policy. He is against the
totalitarian authority that is also spreading its views. Truman’s doctrine also emphasizes
communism promotes terror and oppression and suppresses people’s freedoms. (Truman 2-6)
Another goal that the USA came up with was to aid in the reconstruction of Europe. This
was to be implemented through the Marshall’s plan. In this plan, roads, cities, factories, mines
and railway lines that had been destructed during the war were to be rebuilt. The reconstruction
would aid in restoring normalcy in Europe. George notes that the war even weakened local
currencies that, therefore, something needed to be done. He notes that to heal Europe, peoples’
confidence on the European economic future needed to be restored. George says that it is
mandatory for USA to aid in returning normalcy in economies of the world, failure to do this
would result in political instability and wars. George also ascertains that their policy was directed
against hunger, poverty and wars that were in Europe. Through this, he notes the policy’s duty
was to resuscitate world economy and this would help in the development of both political and
social conditions that would promote emergence of free governments.
In the Marshalls policy, George argues that USA was to draft a European program and support
it. This program was to be agreed upon by all European countries. He notes that nations that
hinder the recovery of other countries are not to be helped by them. At this time, USA is
committed to challenge any country that promotes human suffering (Marshall 6-9)
The third goal that the USA had was containment of Russian policies and their
propaganda about communism. They note that Russian leaders are judgmental of human

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thoughts. They argue that Russian mainly uses weakness of other countries to their advantage.
For these Russian actions, USA found it mandatory to contain Russians foreign policies. Kennan
notes USA cannot continue having an alliance with the Soviet government. It is also stated that
the USA views the Soviet Union as foe in the political sphere. USA was totally against the
Soviets policies on socialism. It is discussed that there was to be persistent efforts by the USA to
destabilize their rivals. To achieve this particular goal, USA aimed at counteracting the soviet’s
influence by propagating their capitalists’ ideologies. Russia being a weaker party, Soviet Union
was bound to fail due to their weakened capability. Through this USA made plans of containment
of Soviet policies. They planned on strong dominance on every part of the world and through this
Communism were bound to fail. This would promote peaceful and stable universe. This paper
suggested that for USA to counteract communism, they were to promote internal developments
within the communist nations and through this they would frustrate Russia further. USA looked
at the possibility of becoming a Superpower but to achieve this, they had to convince other great
ideological movements at that time. USA had to neutralize Russian communism and win the
communism supporters as well as frustrate the Kremlins foreign policies. USA also argued that
disagreement, internal wrangles and poor decision making within Russia would have a large
significance in breaking the Communist ideology (F.Kennan 10-13)
USA dissent Against the Cold war
USA felt insecure about the power of the USSR. They also had a feeling that the political,
economic and social warfare of USSR had a threat to their world ranking. USA also had an
opinion that USSR could attack them.
Arguments against the cold war.

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