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Scholarship Application Essay




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Surname 1
Scholarship Application
I have always developed passion in aircraft from my childhood days. I remember being
very curious on how to operate an airplane and what made them fly. Growing up as a kid I would
always go to the airport to watch how airplane land and fly and I kept wondering how it
happened. As I grew older I developed interest in reading books and newspapers related to
aviation and built toy model airplanes. Aviation is an exciting and a widely appealing profession.
It has vast job opportunities ranging from working in air traffic control and flying a helicopter.
This area has wide ranging interests and many opportunities.
I started my elementary education in Mexico and then I moved to United States where I
proceeded with my high school education and graduated. I am mow enrolled at the city college
of Houston to purse a diploma in aeronautics engineering. My educational aspiration is to pursue
a bachelors degree in Aeronautics engineering. My career vision is to be an aeronautic professor
so that I can share my experience and knowledge to students who would wish to be aeronautics
engineers in future. However I feel that if I do not complete my college degree I will not get the
opportunity to achieve my career goals.
I decided that I will attain a career as a professor in aeronautics engineering since my
passion have always been sharing ideas and knowledge with others. I therefore think that
pursuing this career will give me the opportunity to help mentor and nurture new students who
want to pursue their careers as aeronautics engineering.
Am certain that that my goals will remain dreams if I do not complete my college degree.
Am committed to working hard and always looking for opportunities that could help me make

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Surname 2
my goals a always looking for scholarships that will help in paying for my education.
These scholarship opportunities make me feel that am not alone on the journey of fulfilling my
educational goals.

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Really great stuff, couldn't ask for more.