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Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry




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Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry
Human resource management has had a profound impact on the success of hospitality
organizations in the past the service sector continues to grow, traditional work forces
continue to shrink and expectations regarding work continue to change. New skills in human
resources s and practices are required. Traditional functions of HR like selection and recruitment
have been enriched to include some more challenging functions like performance management
and employee development. To be competitive, managers’ with human resources responsibilities
must be adept at developing an increasingly diverse work force skilled in the new technologies.
New work attitudes, employee rights and other employee concerns must be engaged with
care and sensitivity. Hospitality managers need to possess interpersonal relation skills and
counseling skills too. Being conversant with various techniques of motivation and major changes
in labor laws has become very vital for successful hospitality managers. While marketing,
operations, and finance have historically dominated the high-level executive positions, human
resource expertise became equal in organizational stature during the 1990s.understaning sound
human resources theory and practice will be a requirement for frontline hospitality managers,
regardless of the sector of the hospitality industry they chose or the job function they are hired to
perform and practice.
Human resources practices and principles must be an integral part of a strategic plan that
line managers can use in their day to day interactions with is these individuals who
seek to accomplish the goals of the hospitality organization through the employees who actually
provide the service .your company’s greatest asset is people (Nickson, 2007).
Recently, many restaurants have been incorporating changes in their operations. Mobile
ordering is the new technological aspect for customers who prefer home delivery. Fast food
chains and most pizza outlets are embracing this technology. For example, Domino Pizza
recently launched a Spanish language mobile ordering app to penetrate more in their Spanish

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market. Practicing food hygiene and paying much attention to safety measures will help in
improving food quality. Most customers are concerned about safety of restaurant is
important to train waiters on food hygiene and is import for them to alert the chefs in
case a customer with food allergies are eating to prevent financial liabilities and grave situations.
Embracing new technological advancements like online marketing is important for a
restaurant. Using online marketing creates awareness to customers about your restaurant and its
features. Using social media like Facebook, and twitter can be helpful in posting article related to
your restaurant. With Facebook you can create fun pages and introduce Facebook based ordering
Big restaurant chains are hiring their employees using the internet. With the Applicant
tracking system the human resource manager is able to which recruiters provide low labour
turnover. Using e-learning software in carrying out employee training is cost effective for the
restaurant. Running a restaurant business means embracing creativity in terms of a new menu,
service delivery and restaurant design. Marketing campaigns are vital in promoting a restaurant.
This would be in terms of rotating the menu, inviting a gust chef t come cook and having a live
band play on selected days to entertain customers. Having a feedback system is important in
knowing what customers think about your restaurant. This can be effective by introducing
message board in the restaurant website where both employees and consumers can leave their
feedback regarding the services from the restaurant. This also reduces the cost of carrying out
market research since the customers will have direct contact with the restaurant. It helps in
identifying the needs and wants of the consumers and delivering services that satisfy these needs.
In conclusion, to gain customer loyalty a restaurant should deliver quality service, good
environment, and good menu that feature new and seasonal foods that will ignite excitement
among employees and customers.

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Nickson, D. (2007). Human Resource Management for the Hospitality and Tourism Industries.
Elsevier Ltd.

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