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Social Responsibility Genre Analysis




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Social Responsibility Genre Analysis
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a company’s initiative to evaluate and bear the
responsibility of environmental effects that arise from the company’s activities and the effect on
the community’s social welfare. Is concept is also referred to as corporate e
company incurs some short term costs that do not have financial benefits to the company but
promote positive social and environmental change. CSR mandates the company to be socially
responsible and become answerable to people, process and other stakeholders, and weigh the
magnitude of their impact on environmental and social welfare. Most investors examine what the
company has done in regards to its products and services, it activities on environmental and
societal impact, and how it responds to the concerns of its workforce.
Lexington Fayette department that deals with emergencies and firefighting services
(LDFES) handles every kind of fires in Fayette County. LDFES handles a top rated service in
medical emergency in the county. It also operates a hazmat team that responds to all types of
hazardous materials incidents. They also operate a team of fire investigators that includes an ATF
accelerant detection dog. Yearly, the crews of LFD offer voluntary services of raising money for
charity at various events. They organize a Lexington firefighters toy program that helps local
children wake up to a merry Christmas for close to fifty years now.
The Metropolitan Stability Alliance is formed as a coalition that advocates and
organizes community groups to work together in advancing for environmental, racial and
economic justice that advance development and growth agenda in the twin cities region. The
coalition believes that place and people in the region are deeply connected. They work to
enhance regional investments that benefit everybody, and mostly the low-income earners and
blacks. They approach growth and development issues together like employment and housing
and transit in order to build more power and create a region that will enable the residents to
thrive. This coalition is campaigning for the promotion of benefits to the community in
Minnesota. The campaigns are aimed at linking public investment with community needs. They
have been successful in helping the local people to engage in local development projects.
The proposals for Lexington Fayette Division of Fire and Emergency Services, the Fire
Department of Topsfield and the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability share the same genre of
social responsibility. The genre interacts with other genres such as historical, legal, factual and
descriptive genres.
Lexington Fayette department of emergency services and fire contribute to the
community by providing services such as fire prevention, services in EMS, handling of
hazardous materials, and specialized rescue services. They also provide drop ins services, infant/
child car safety which is a temporary safe haven to distressed children. They also have senior
citizen program, free blood pressure check and birthday parties. The Lexington Fayette Division

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of Fire and Emergency Services are requesting for funding to buy a new air compressor and
diesel exhaust extraction systems to prevent their workers from inhaling toxic fumes.
The Topsfield Fire Department proposal fulfills the social responsibility category by
doing a job description. The department handles cases of fire, emergency rescue, medical
emergencies and hazardous material incidents. Last year, the department responded to 1019
requests for assistance and managed to respond to 87 structural fires, which 27 of those were
caused by elderly people. The town supports a large elderly population which requires special
attention. The Topsfield Fire Department has written a proposal requesting for funding to buy
washing machines for cleaning gears and which will also prevent employees from contracting
infectious diseases when cleaning the machines. They also want to implement this in order to
meet the OSHA standards when operating such equipment.
Both The Lexington Fayette Division of Fire and Emergency Services and The Topsfield
Fire Departments proposals are requesting for funding to improve their equipment for the health
and safety of their firefighters. When firefighters are taken care of they can serve the community
The genre firstly addresses the description of the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability
organization, and how the grant from Steward Co-op would be used. The alliance’s purpose is to,
“engage communities in eliminating racial, environmental, and economic disparities in growth
and development patterns in the Twin Cities metropolitan area” (Riordan). Furthermore, the
Alliance goes into discussing the benefits Seward Co-op would have by funding their proposal.
An issue the Alliance incorporated into their proposal to encourage Steward to fund was social
and environmental responsibility. In today’s community when an organization takes a proactive
stance, consumers are more likely to purchase products from them, than anyone else because
they are giving back to the community. Lastly, the Alliance simply states the dollar amount they
would like. This proposal is precise and easy to understand because it gives detailed information.
Individuals who write in this field are called Writers. However in these particular
situations, a manager or employee may write this funding proposal as it directly relates to their
needs or causes. A writer writing in a socially responsible genre must possess analytical skills,
effective communication, problem-solving skills, decision-making skill, and most importantly
previous experience in the field. This proposal is team-based because it requires interaction from
experts from within the organization. In order to effectively come to a conclusion of which they
should request, what the proposal should contain, and how they will ensure the message is being
written keeping the reader in mind.
Readers are those who go through the proposal. This proposal would go directly to the
manager in charge, who discusses it with the accounting department. They will discuss on the
amount of cash they can donate or how to fund the request. The manager will then be at liberty to
decide whether to accept or reject the proposal based on how much funding is availed to him.
The reader must have rational thinking in order to make the right decision because it may affect
the organization’s reputation. The reader must portray patience; have a positive attitude, and

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great communication skills. The reader in this situation will read this proposal during working
hours and determine whether it is effective for the organization or not.
The genre can help writers highlight the deficiencies of the organization and clearly show
that what they need. Writers request proposals in this genre to greater extent emphasize their
desired meaning. Readers then make a judgment whether the proposal benefits them and if the
funds are available. The purpose the genre fulfills for the reader is the benefit of show-casing
their organization as socially responsible, and the writer will receive the funds for its cause.
The samples also elevate social responsibility by working towards supporting their local
communities. They participate in various community enhancing activities in order to bring about
a positive social and environmental change.
The contents in the proposal include the company’s description. The organization has
elaborated what services it offers, year of inception, physical address, and shareholders of the
company. The mission statement is also well elaborated in the proposal. The organization must
elaborate the problem they are addressing in the community and how they are offering a solution
to the problem. The proposal also explains the way the grant will be accounted for and the
amount that is required to buy the equipment.
Lexington Fayette Division of Fire and Emergency Services have some key evidence to
portray the relationship of their division to communities. They host birthday parties, temporary
safe haven for distressed children and the youth. Another closely tied proposal that we came
across was the Tow of Topsfield Fire Department. Last year their fire department handled 1019
requests for fire assistance. The Alliance inspires their partners to make commitments of buying
sustainable products from local business in order to support the economy, which furthers the
aspect of social responsibility.
The art of persuasion has definitely occurred in all three of these proposals. For logos,
they used evidence and facts to persuade the audience to trust and believe their points. For
pathos, the three proposals make you feel compassionate towards the organizations purpose
because it ties into achieving a higher standard within communities. Ethos appeal is relevant
because all three organizations are not for profit making which makes them credible.
In this genre, there are headings to clearly display content of discussion, which is in
paragraph form. Typically the length of each section is eight sentences. The content is simple to
read, understand and digest, and active in communicating the problem. The proposals have
similar writing guidelines that are evident from the tone and purpose.
Participants need to understand whether the proposal is from an ethical standpoint and
whether it works in the favor of their mission which is, ‘supporting a good cause”. Organizations
with good financial backing are targeted because they have the available funds to help support
causes. The proposal is encouraging readers to think positively about their environment and other
relevant issues that are occurring, and what needs to be resolved. The content in the samples that
are most important would be the disclosure of funds because that’s the key to resolving the

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