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Research About Mental Health

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Running head: RESEARCH ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH Research about Mental Health Name Institution Date 1 RESEARCH ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH 2 Introduction Mental health refers to the well-being of an individual in terms of cognitive health, behavioral health, as well as emotional health. As such, it affects how we behave, how we feel, and how we think. In most cases, mental health is a term used to refer to the absence of a mental disorder. Mental health usually affects the daily life of an individual, and in some cases, his or her physical health, as it also affects the ability of an individual to live a positive life, and his ability to enjoy life (Clement et al., 2015). Therefore, when an individual has a mental health complication, he or she finds it difficult to balance between every day activities and efforts geared at achieving psychological resilience. Common Disorders of Mental Health Mental health disorders occur in different forms and types, triggered by different situations or scenarios. The most common types of mental illness complications include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, as well as schizophrenia disorders. Anxiety disorders are the most common types of mental illnesses. In this case, an individual suffers from severe fear or anxiety linked to certain situations or objects (Townsend & Morgan, 2017). In this regard, most people suffering from anxiety disorders will try to avoid exposure to what triggers their anxieties. Examples of such anxiety disorders include ...
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