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Business Evolution




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Business Evolution
Humans have inquisitive minds that tirelessly look for better ways of performing or doing
things. The drive and innate curiosity motivated humans to try and unlock the mysteries of nature
which created numerous technological innovations over the years. Technological changes have
demanded for better and new technology to handle large amount of information. This
information quest comes as a result of sophisticated business methods and practices. Increased
methods of record keeping through generation of large data bases and emergency of
globalization have demanded for better ways of handling information.
Information technology entails using of computer system and soft wares to manage
information. IT has been shifted from use of single networks to network of computers.
Computers that are networked enable various users to access common databases. These
databases have allowed have made it easy for businesses to store big records of data. Companies’
that install database softwares are raking in billions of dollars. For example, the customer
relationship management software drives most business activities for most enterprises that
engage in selling products across the world. With IT, internet was introduced. The internet has
become many individuals preference choice of communication. This could be by emails, social
media or chat messages. The web does act as a platform for advertising for millions of
companies in the world. Online banking has been introduced by various banks as a benefit of
using the internet for transactions. This has made it easier for customers to follow their bank
transaction by a click of the mouse.

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New technological tools, standards and enterprising transactions need to be researched
and developed because enterprising risks, collaborations and economies are evolving at an
alarming rate. Undertaking awareness campaigns with cross functional and management
commitment team members is recommended. They can facilitate development of secure,
dynamic and holistic global information systems. Increased usage of electronic data processing
and electronic transactions done on the internet together with various happening of international
terrorism has propelled the quest for proper methods of protecting information stored in
There is need have an ethical use of information technology in modern business
environment.IT practitioners are guided by modes of behavior from the association of computing is important to develop trust as an IT practitioners because they manage and handle
vast amounts of data. With more globalized economies emerging and constant changes towards
business risk, focus on information security is more fundamental for a business. Having a
properly managed information security helps a business meet its objectives by improving their
efficiencies and merging business objectives.
Businesses need to develop policies that govern information security that are supported
by standards and guidelines. These policies and standards form the ground in which information
is transmitted, shared by individuals, used and destroyed. It is important to link security
information policies and standards with the organizational culture. Managers of information
security do struggle to make programs that are in line with the organizational goals and enhance
the ability of the top management to continue being innovative while at the same time
controlling risk.
Many businesses are globalized as a result of business activities that are expanding. Some
have begun contracting third party vendors to operate business for them. This poses a security

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threat for information technology departments that handle personal customer data and property
rights to information when communicating with other companies.
In conclusion, an organization needs to adopt a security model that accommodates
changing relationships both internally and externally to the organization. Internal relationships’
with other business portfolios are part of the changes that shape the culture of the organization.
External relationships’ are linked to third party vendors.

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