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Surname 1
My name is Lorie Fitchner. I pursued a course in human services at John Hopkins
University. I love helping people, especially children and I feel that starting my career in an
academic institution looks perfect for me. I would like to work in an organization that is God
driven and spiritually nourishing which is an added advantage to the satisfaction of assisting
students in their day to day activities.
My research on this school provided a lot of insights regarding its operations, the type of
people and their personality. Their culture and most importantly their religious background. I
investigated the type of people I would be working with at Brentwood academy. From the
information on your website, and my interview with Amanda Butler, Brentwood follows a strict
belief in God and thus seeks to mold its students into becoming morally upright and God fearing
The educational background in human services makes me competent in delivering as
expected of me because am knowledgeable in this of moral character and trustworthy
and as an academic institution, I believe you prioritize the welfare of your students and therefore
employ people with high levels of integrity. I like focusing on my work which is my biggest
strength. I do not get distracted so easily which translates into high performance. My
organizational skills are also very high. Am able to prioritize and plan effectively while keeping
projects on track and ensuring deadlines are met. Am a person who takes work home and this
interferes with my personal life. Am trying to work on this habit by planning my day to day

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Surname 2
I have no work experience but am willing to learn the rope put in a lot of hard work so as
to make positive contributions in your institution. My organizational skills and people skills will
enable me learn quickly and deliver as expected of me. I look forward to putting in practice what
I learnt in the university.
I do adopt an order in which I do things. I start doing tasks that are urgent and important
first. If am not sure of the importance and urgency of the task I find out. If am assigned a new
task I add it to the list the list and decide when to do it.
While pursuing my course, I have never had any difficulty with my supervisor. I have
gotten along well with my supervisors due to personalities. I did have an experience one time
when I thought my instructor was not happy with me. I took an initiative of talking to her in
private and I found out that it was my misconception. She was not unhappy with me and made an
apology if it came across to me that way.
While in my second year pursuing my course, I was requested to represent students’
views at the validation and review committee. I was tasked with speaking to and answering
questions for twelve academic staff. I observed good communications skills and give the staff
time to collect their questions and presentation was clear and precise.
One year from now I intend to pursue my masters in child and adult development as it
will provide a foundation towards dealing with the development of children and adults and
transforming them into morally upright individuals. This will also enable me perform my duties
as expected in the three years I see myself taking up a managerial position and new
exciting challenges that will enable utilize talents and work closely with my colleagues in
solving vital problems.
Am open based on your salary scale range for this position and your compensation
How long does it take for a manager to rise to the top in your organization? How do you
motivate and develop your employees?

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