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Market orientaon is a business philosophy that on idenfying and meeng the stated or hidden needs
of the customers through its product mix.a markeng oriented business starts focusing on the
customer,nds out what they want ,and then produces it for tends to tailor products that meet
the demands of the customer.many marketrs are moving towards a market-oriented approach since
consumers have become increasingly knowledgeable and they demand for variety and qualty.the
business therefore need to be sensive to their customer needs or they wil lose out on business.
This concept entails three important steps in being customer-focused.rstly,the wants and needs of the
customers are extensively researched and idened.secondly,the research outputs are researched by the
marketers and new products are created based on the customer needs.thirdly,customer sasfacon is
aimed a!er public launch and the product is introduced in the market.
some products create a want in the customer.this mostly applies to technological products like mobile
phones.the mobile phones have shi!ed from being just business accessory to now a big consumer brand
product,with addional values such as internet access,Bluetooth,memory card slots,and
videos.innovaon creayes the need rather than the customer guessing what will be launch in the market
next. is an excellent example of a company with a marketing orientation, indeed one
may suggest they are an excellent example of a company with a relationship orientation, as they
attempt to offer a personalised shopping experience to each of its customers.another example is
Audi which is a company in the automobile is a premium car maker that sets itself
apart through quality information mamagement,premium quality,and high innovative
capability.they also do extensive marketing research and with their Audi experience profram,they
are able to develop close relationships with their target customers.
In conclusion,a markeng-oriented business makes a good and extensive use of markeng
research,designs customer benets such as delivery,and higlights product values and benets which are
directed towards the customer advantage.

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