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A Scholarship Essay




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Surname 1
A Scholarship Essay
My name is John Smith. I am schooling at Houston community college-Coleman campus
pursuing an associate degree in applied science. My educational aspirations are to acquire a
bachelor's degree in biotechnology that would help in pursuing a medical career as a doctor. My
career vision in the future is to provide affordable healthcare to marginalized communities in
United States. However, if I do not complete my college education I will never have the chance
to achieve my career goals. Science has always been my passion and I have known for a long
time that this is what I wanted to pursue. Medicine has interested me in a long time. Improving
the lives of other has always been appealing to me. I believe that this program will offer me the
most valuable skills I need to pursue my career further.
I would like to dedicate my career assisting other and improving their quality of life. I
think pursuing my medical career will give me the chance to improve the marginalized
community’s health , provide quality affordable healthcare , and study about their medical
needs. My biggest career goal that i wish to achieve is to start a non-profit organization. This
organization will create internships for medical school students. This will allow them to travel to
isolated communities in the United States to provide free medical services. I also would like to
provide nutrition education to support these marginalized communities.
Am facing financial difficulties and therefore not able to pay fees for the fall semester.
Am disabled and on a fixed money income that makes money tight for me. The biotech program
was discontinued a year or so ago. However, the continuing students like me were allowed to
take the classes needed to get the degree. I have already been accepted in the histology program

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Surname 2
at the Houston community college- Coleman campus and the program will begin in fall/2014.
My financial condition is deprived and am requesting for a student scholarship to pursue my
There are other leadership roles I have played in the community. From 2008 to 2009, I
was an intern for leadership program at John Hopkins University where I organized and
coordinated social events for students’ participants. I facilitated group discussions on social
justice for the antidiscrimination club. I also organized various community service tasks
consisting of blood drives and cleanup activities for the local neighborhood streets monthly.
Houston community college offers world class education that will help broaden my
perspective and enable me to understand the complex medical fundamentals. This college will
help improve my science skills, and assist me acquire the analytical depth necessary to take on
the challenging presented by today’s changing medical environment. Houston community
college will give me a chance to interact with a worldwide network of alumni and their alumni
clubs, which provide opportunities for networking, socializing and learning.
I have been frequently trying to search for both work and scholarships that would help
pay for my education. Am thankful to find opportunities like this one. This chance makes me get
the feeling am not alone in this journey of fulfilling my educational goals. I remain focused and
will keep working hard until I achieve my career goals. I hope to be your foundation’s
scholarship recipients’ so that I can pursue my pathway to becoming a doctor.

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