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Psy 325 Week 3 Assignment

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Running head: ANOVA ARTICLE CRITIQUE ANOVA Article Critique Student’s Name Course Name and Number Instructor’s Name Date Submitted 1 ANOVA ARTICLE CRITIQUE 2 Introduction In this study, the researchers wanted to find out the mental effects of risperidone and its practical importance to children struggling with autism and irritable behavior — Risperidone which is an anti-psychotic drug, before the study was believed to have strong detrimental effects to a child’s mental performance. Data was compiled from two groups of children which were the sample group and the group given a placebo to control the study. In this article, the researchers had a belief (hypothesis) that risperidone increases cognitive performance in children with irritable behavior. However, the findings led to the rejection of the hypothesis since it was found out that there was no decline to mental performance (Aman, Hollway, McDougle, Scahill, Tierney, Mccracken, Posey, 2008). Objectives of the Study The study was conducted at different five health care centers making it multi-site research. The researchers wanted to know the cognitive effects of 0.5 mg to 3.5 mg of risperidone per day to children and adolescents with autism and severe irritable behavior. The scholars evaluated whether risperidone has any significant effects whether positive or negative to the children it is administered to (Aman et al., 2008). The Hypothesis and Concepts Used Through trying the questions, the authors created a ...
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