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Part I You are planning to expand your fast-food hamburger franchise internationally and have decid




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Being an owner of fast food hamburger, various thing have to be looked into in order to open
a franchise in United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Israel and China. Considering all four variant
countries lot many things have to be thoroughly worked on in order to establish fast food
hamburger chain. If we look at culture, traditions, values, beliefs, food preparation, eating
habits, etc all are different. In order to satisfy the fooding demands of different countries there
is need to look into hospitality and services also.
If we look at United Arab Emirates, people are known for their hospitality and most
the people feel very honoured while receiving their guests and socializing with relatives and
friends. Guests are usually welcomed with fresh dates and coffee. So efforts should be laid on
satisfying the customers by providing best possible services while providing food. In UAE,
tradition of slaughtering meat is according to Islamic halal method, which must be looked
into it. Though restaurants with variety of ethnic foods and fast foods are very popular, for
that reason there is no loss of opening a franchise in UAE. Pork is completely prohibited for
Muslim Arabs and not for Christian Arabs, for that usage of chicken and beef should be more
rather than beef for preparing burgers. UAE is also known for its religious fasting i.e.
RAMADAN which means fasting for one month during day light hours, for this reason some
of the restaurants even blackout during day time so that people can consume in private.
Though people also enjoy drinking alcohol in restaurants, for that reason there is need to add
on beverages along with hamburgers. Israel is known as land of milk and honey, having more
than 200 museums is favourable tourism destination. Here strict tradition of preparing dairy
and meat foods separately is followed, for that reason separate set of dishes also need to be
maintained, also need to maintain two separate sections for vegetarian and non-vegetarian
burgers. According to kosher law pork, shellfish and rabbit are forbidden. For this reason
only chicken and beef can be used to prepare the burgers. Mexican staple food include corn

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along with tomatoes, chili peppers, beans, rice and type of pork sausage. Eggs and cheese
round out the diet of Mexicans. People prepare food using cloves, cinnamon, cumin, herbs
such as cilantro, etc. This depicts people are having preference of spicy food which means the
recipe of hamburgers must include spicy contents. People also like having soft drinks such as
coca cola and fresh fruit soda, which can added to their meals to gain more footfall.
Understanding their culture, tradition, preference can be the one way to become a leading
franchise owner. China being a communist state having no official religion and more than
half of the population claims for no religion or identifies themselves as an atheist. For this
reason there is no regulation on beef, chicken, pork, rabbit or shellfish. Burgers can be served
with noodles and dumplings along with chop sticks to give them traditional feeling and to get
higher footfall in the restaurant. Ethical standards are need to be maintained in order to
survive in the global market. Training should also be provided to the managers and workers
to follow the traditions of a country like in Israel pork is completely forbidden and what can
be the alternative of pork. In Mexico people prefer spicy food what ingredients must be added
to make hamburger more spicy and tasty. The attitudes in these countries are also
If we need to send our top managers to these countries, the cultural shocks can be expected.
In UAE, there is a culture of drinking alcohol in restaurants and at private places and not in
public places. Permission of drinking alcohol can only be sorted out after getting licence from
the government. Though it is completely banned in drinking at public places. Ramadan, the
fasting period for Muslims in Arab when only sweets are consumed and most of the
restaurants do not even serve meat food. In Israel, there is a culture of maintain separate
dishes for dairy and meat foods. Therefore a person who had meat food neither handle dairy

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dishes nor can enter in place where dairy food is prepared. When it comes to greeting Chinese
people, they don’t shake hands but bow down and say “ni hao” or sometimes for showing
extra respect they say “nin hao”, hand shaking is very rare occasion for them. Many
Mexicans kiss when they are introduced rather than hand shake. In order to alleviate these
shocks, managers must try to ignore such situations which may create shocks like in Mexico,
instead of kissing on cheeks they must kiss in air, which will show respect to Mexicans and
side by side also obey their culture.
Expeditors help removing layers of bureaucracy in order to get the work done faster and in
return they do charge money. In order to make sure the practice of expeditor is ethical or
legal, we must ask for receipt of payment we made to get our work done because receipt will
be a proof of payment for us and also depicts that the amount for getting work done has gone
into right hands. Do ask for updates for the processing of work and how much time more will
be needed to get the work done. Yes I will approve the paid transaction requested by an
expeditor acceptable in the country, but unethical back in the United States, though countries
like Mexico where each government task requires lot of paper work and signatures is quite
time consuming and lengthy process. In order to speeden up the work expeditors are
necessary. But it is our responsibility to ask for identity proof of the expeditor and previous
clients he served and works completed. The factors that need to be considered is having a
long conversation with expeditor regarding the works he done, to ask for time that will be
taken for the work to be completed, receipt of amount paid, conversation with previous
clients whether they are satisfied with the work done ?

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