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Cycle Of Violence

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1 Running Head: CYCLES OF VIOLENCE Cycles of Violence Institution Student’s Name: Professor: Date: 2 CYCLES OF VIOLENCE Introduction The cycle of violence is a social cycle theory developed by Lenore E. Walker. The theory documents the patterns of behavior exhibited by most domestic violence cases or abusive relationships. According to Lenore, violence occurs in a series of repeated steps. The causes of violent behavior vary from imparted implements such as childhood learned behavior, emotions, and other factors like revenge. The paper discusses the various stages of the violence cycle and its manifestation in relationships. Stages of the cycle of violence According to Lenore, the cycle of violence comprises four stages. The first stage is the tension building phase. In this phase, day-to-day life pressures like conflicts, arguments, children issues and other marital matters result in stress among the partners. Similarly, abuse of drugs, financial hardships, prolonged sicknesses and war may cause stress. Consequently, the victims may feel afraid, humiliated and depressed because of the unfair treatment from the abuser (Holden, Geffner & Jouriles, 2015). According to the social cycle theory, the abused may behave differently towards this kind of treatment. First, the abused, who is the woman, in this case, can act submissive and compliant to the claims of the abuser. This happens with a motive of trying to avoid violence (Widom, 2014). Secondly, the victim might provoke ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.