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Lisa 1 posts Re:Recreational Marijuana Legalization Debate: Against Legalization Recreational Maijuana Legalization: Against Legalization There has been much debate on the legalization of marijuana and there has been an increase of popular belief that it should be legalized. One may argue that legalization would free up law enforcement to focus on more violent crimes and people should be able to make their own decisions about what they put in their bodies regardless of the consequences. However, popular belief often fails to look at all the facts before making a logical decision on whether the legalization of marijuana is necessary. It is easy to hear a success story of the medicinal benefits of a chronic illness yet turn a blind eye to the staggering statistics on what drug abuse is doing to the health of this country. The following paragraphs will address the many damaging factors that accompany marijuana use and why it should not be legalized. As with most drugs, marijuana is addictive in nature. It affects the nucleus accumbens in the brain and activates the THC-sensitive receptor (Levinthal, 2016). This causes a marijuana user to experience a state of well-being and euphoria. Marijuana is unique in that users can achieve a greater high with prolonged use (Levinthal, 2016). This happens because of its slow elimination rate and users learn to inhale marijuana smoke longer to increase its effects (Levinthal, 2016). Users become addicted over time and will suffer withdrawa ...
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Great study resource, helped me a lot.