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Marketing Plan




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Running Head: MARKETING PLAN 1
Marketing plan

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The marketing plan has been successful and the outcome has come out to be very
substantial. There are many profits that are gained through the marketing plan that was
developed. The marketing plan has also helped in the management of the company which has
attributed to multiple profits than it was expected. Our consumer base has increased day by day
due to the successful interactions that were followed from the marketing. This has been all
thanks for the implementation of the marketing plan. It was not easy to implement the marketing
plan as there were multiple things that were needed so that the marketing plan will be successful.
Following of the marketing plan therefore required multiple things that included capital and
other factors of labor that were also indicated and were required to be used.
The company is a leading mobile operator company that aims to be the leading company
in the provision of high quality products. Our main mission is to help people in achieving their
initiatives through our mobile platforms. This has been enhanced by the development of
successful and high quality soft ware and hardware that have proven to be the solution to what
many innovators and individuals had been looking for past years. This is in the first phases of
accomplishment with the company’s qualified technicians working on it to ensure that all the
needed platforms are included.
The company will be branded as Bristel. This will be the brand that will be used for
marketing, advertising and business purposes that are conducted in the company. The brand will
be easy to establish even to countries that do not speak English or English is not recognized as
the first language. The brand will be associated with anything that the company is running on or
any sponsorship that may be carried out. The company’s brand is expected to be marketed at a
high rate across the world with it trying to be successful years after the formation (Westwood &
Institute of directors, 2002).

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The production will be determined by the cost of manufacturing. This is because there are
some platforms that will need a lot of money for the manufacturing process and for their raw
materials to be bought. The pricing will be done by adding a 30% on the manufacturing cost. The
manufacturing cost has included all the services and things that are obtained in the process of
manufacturing. This will include the labor and the raw materials and the cost of transporting.
This will also enable the company not to have loses that are tied to them. The profit that is gained
will be saved and kept for the expansion of the company and venturing into further deals that
will help the company in the future.
The company as the manufacturer of the products will not involve in the business directly
with the final consumers. The products will be sold to wholesalers and retailers. They will then
sell the products to the end consumer but on an agreed fee. This will be to that the wholesalers
will not too much money on the initial price. This may make the company to lose a lot of
consumes of the product. This will also enable the company to focus on many other ventures
rather than just focusing on the distribution process. The company will also get feedback from
the customers through the customer care directly. This will happen locally and also to the
countries that there are no branches yet.
There are many competitors in the mobile manufacturing market both locally and
globally. This is due to the advancement of technology and how companies from even less
developed countries are picking up in the manufacturing of mobile phones. The competitors in
this business can be classified as inter competitors as they are manufacturing and marketing the
same brand. The marketing strategies of all the companies are almost the same and they all
attract may consumers years by year. There are no stagnant consumers that will stick to the same

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