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Running head: ANTIRESISTANT BACTERIA Title: Antiresistant Bacteria Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: 1 ANTIRESISTANT BACTERIA 2 In the modern world we live in, the issue of ant resistant bacteria has been on the increase. Mortality rates caused by bacteria have risen at a significant rate. The film “Hunting the Nightmare” bacteria reveal how bacteria have manifested their ability to resist antibiotics. From the film, Tonya Rerecich gives a testimony of how her daughter was a victim of bacterial infection. She says that her daughter started by complaining about pain in the hip. The pain persisted, and she decided to give her an antibiotic called ibuprofen. When the pain became unbearable, she decided to seek medical attention. The doctor in charge is on record saying that she also exhibited symptoms such as infected boils, septic shocks, and early pneumonia. After diagnosis, she was found to have stenotrophomonas bacteria. It is evident that this type of bacteria is resistant to antibiotics. The doctors then decided to put her on ECMO although it was seen as not valid since the tubes had the probability of giving the patient an additional infection. The doctor c ...
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