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Physiological Response

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Physiological Response of Living Organisms: Pre-Lab Name ___________________________ Date_________________ 1. Define homeostasis and provide an example within the human body. Homeostasis is defined as the body’s ability to maintain a constant internal environment without much fluctuations. It’s the body’s way of maintaining stability and equilibrium. When homeostasis isn’t maintained, a disease process begins. Example of homeostasis in human body is in the case of blood sugar control. Glucose is the main substrate for energy production. In case of low blood glucose level, insulin and cortisol hormones production increase that stimulates production of glucose from the liver through breakdown of glycogen, amino acids metabolism, protein breakdown and fatty acids breakdown all with the aim to raise the blood glucose towards normal. A rise in blood glucose levels above normal levels, insulin and glucagon hormones production will decrease and increase respectively that will cause storage of the excess glucose in form of glycogen and fatty acids in an attempt to lower the blood glucose levels towards normal. Diabetes results from abnormal homeostasis of glucose. 2. Explain why it might be important to test more than one worm with the same drug. It is important to test more than one worm using the same drug in order to assess the comparability of the effects of the drug on the worms. This will make sure that potential sources of error such as due to environmental factors o ...
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