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critical thinking






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Critical Thinking 1
Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking 1
In recent times, many organizations considered the critical thinking method of
decision-making. Moreover, some others preferred the persuasive and logical thinking to
make a decision. In everybody creatively thinking ability is found because everybody thinks
in different ways that generate creativities.
The critical thinking in today’s competitive business environment is a very essential
aspect (Dam & Volman, 2004). The decision making on the basis of critical thinking could
effective of the company. In addition, persuasive thinking is an art that is used by the general
people almost every day. Persuasion means through convince influence someone to adopt her
advice. Persuasive thinking requires various strategies and follows the five steps of
This paper discusses the importance of critical thinking in the workplace decision
making and with a real time personal example that need critical thinking at the workplace. I
worked as a manager for a manufacturing company that is the selected scenario, so in this
paper I represent the role of critical thinking in the workplace. This paper describes the
importance of critical thinking to avoid mistakes and improve performance of the
manufacturing company.
My Position and Supporting Evidence
According to Quitadamo & Kurtz (2007), critical thinking is the basic need of the
companies to take correct decision because wrong decision not only affects the decision
making person but also the employees and overall company. I also believe that critical
thinking in the workplace is so important and I provide it through give a personal example.

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Critical Thinking 1
In past time, I was working as a manager of a manufacturing company, so it is a part
of my job to make decision on a daily basis to effectively run the operations of the company. I
was responsible to maintain the quality and quantity of production line through handle the
employees and make sure that employee not take leave to maintain production of the
company. It is my job that increases the production and reduces the cost of the company that
required need for critical thinking in the workplace to achieve them.
Moreover, without applying critical thinking aspects it is difficult on me to effectively
do my job and handle the situations (Dam & Volman, 2004). During a job, I was faced
several issued related to the manufacturing line and labor and I used critical thinking and
different ideas to handle them.
The manufacturing industry always faced the issues related to production line, labor
and material related. The manager required to handle all of these issues and maintained the
productivity of the company as well as save the cost of the company.
During working as manager, labor wages issued faced by the company that required
new ways to solve this issue. I was used critical thinking and asked the employees about their
issues and their requirement and solutions of this issue then communicate manager to
represent the views of employees in front of them (Bowell & Kemp, 2013). It was helped
management to take right decision related to this issue. During a meeting with leader of
union, management also considered the view of employees to take decision on labor issues.
In addition, the manufacture industry needs critical thinking to survive in the
competitive market. The labor rate was large contributed into the expanses of the company.
The company ready to provide high rate of labor if they work hard and given their best for the
company as increase overall production. So, the issue is close and the company management
and employees both are happy about the decision at the same time.

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