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Analysis Of Electronic Health Records System

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Analysis of Electronic Health Records System Name: Villa Health Independence Medical center Course: Instructor: Date: Introduction • Meaningful use guidelines provide the standards for using certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology to: – Improve efficiency, quality, safety, and decrease health disparities. – Improve coordination of care. – Maintain privacy and security of patient health information – Engage patients and family. – Improve population and public health (, 2017). Introduction • The current state of compliance at the Independence medical center comprises of; – Healthcare information is captured in a standardized format. – The center uses a Computerized physician order entry (CPOE). – A certified EHR system is used to support the coordination of care. – There are difficulties in sharing the care of records electronically for each transition of care. – The EHR system can track clinical conditions and patient data. – Lack of integration and interoperability hinders effective care coordination and patient engagement. Current Health Information System • The current EHR system in use at the Independence Medical Center is an Opus System. • EHR Evaluation. – The system is deficient in interoperability – Inefficient integration of operational functions with medical needs. – Inefficient access to the EHR through wireless devices. – The system generates and transmits patient data electronically – Lack of ...
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