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Opium Cocaine And Marijuana In American History

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Health & Medical
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Running head: OPIUM, COCAINE AND MARIJUANA Opium, Cocaine and Marijuana Name Institutional Affiliation 1 OPIUM, COCAINE AND MARIJUANA 2 Opium, Cocaine, and Marijuana According to Musto (1991), opiates and cocaine were used as mood-altering drugs in the 19th century. During the early 20th century, they were identified as dangerous and very addictive drugs that needed to be controlled in the American society. Opium and Cocaine were first manufactured in the United States into a powdered form. They would be dissolved in substances such as alcohol and used by soldiers as pain-relieving drugs during warfare (Musto, 1991). The adverse effects of opium were identified after the habitual users experienced tremors, paralysis, and asthma. Cocaine and Marijuana were rampant among the Mexicans and Blacks during the early 1900s. Opium and Cocaine production was officially restricted in 1912 after 12 countries formed a treaty to limit the production, manufacturing, and marketing of these drugs. The Harrison Act (1914) was passed in the US after several government officials agreed that opium and cocaine should be taxed (Musto, 1991). The two drugs would be used for medical reasons to treat ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.