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C150 Case Analysis Strategic Planning At Multistate Health Corporation

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Running head: STRATEGIC PLANNING AT MULTISTATE HEALTH CORPORATION Strategic Planning at Multistate Health Corporation Institution Affiliation Date 1 STRATEGIC PLANNING AT MULTISTATE HEALTH CORPORATION 2 MHC’s Strategy In Terms Of Market Position Until the late 1980's Multistate Health Corporation (MHC) had been a leader in its market of providing affordable healthcare to the less fortunate members of the community its subsidiaries served. But that changed due to the change in its business environment. It was, therefore, crucial for the organization to develop a responsive, competitive strategy to reclaim its market position or risk losing relevance. This strategy had to meet specific issues that had led to its strain on the market. Issues such as pressure to reduce costs of services by federal and state governments and the inability to acquire expensively, but currently demanded, new medical technologies, contemporary services, and procedures. Until MHC came up with ways to control this adversity, it stood a considerable risk of losing its market position. In response, the corporation devised a strategy that sought to tackle the issues using two approaches. The first was specifically inclined towards ensuring dominance in the development of new medical procedures and technologies that would assist it in healthcare service provision. MHC felt that if new procedures and technologies were efficiently implemented, patient recovery time would shorten and the costs of servi ...
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