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Sears Case Study 2

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Running Head: SEARS CASE STUDY. 1 Sears Case Study. Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date: SEARS CASE STUDY. 2 Introduction Sears Company started off as the biggest retailer in the United States. Over the years, many other companies have competed in sales with Sears, and some have succeeded while others have failed. However, Sears merged with Kmart Company to sell and deliver goods to other areas. Sears Company came up with new technologies to attract more customers to buy their goods and products. Nevertheless, with all their efforts, they did well at first, but then they failed to compete with all the other companies in the market. Analyze Sears, using the competitive forces and value chain models. According to Porter’s value chain model, there are strengths and weaknesses that Sears company deal with in their day-in-day-out activities. This model helps to analyze and examine the competitiveness that Sears faces from other companies in the market. Some of the strengths of Sears Company include: i. Large market opportunities. Sears has been able to create connections all over the United States. With these connections, Sears has been able to open new branches in different parts of the country. Nevertheless, customers have been able to access goods more efficiently. ii. Product expansion and development. This is made possible by all the resources that Sears have put into technology to create new development strategies. iii. Increase in online sales. ...
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