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You are a sociologist who uses the conflict perspective to study various aspects of our society.
How do you think you would interpret the practice of prostitution? Contrast this view with
the functionalist perspective. Do you think your comments would differ if you took the
feminist view, if so, how? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Conflict
Perspective social world is characterized by continual struggle between competing groups.
Who benefits, who suffers, and who dominates at the expense of others. Conflict between
men and women, moral and immoral, legalization and no legalization. To see the world
through a conflict perspective we see the world in a continuous battle between groups. The
practice of prostitution is just another example of the “social unrest” (p. 15) we experience in
our every day lives. It is the fight between the moral and the immoral and this continuous
argument is just another avenue to explore us as a society.In contrast, looking at prostitution
from a functionalist perspective one would say it is just a part of our society. Talcott Parsons
said “that if an aspect of social life does not contribute to a society’s
prostitution does add to our society’s stability or it would not be considered the “oldest
profession”.My concerns if my views were feminist would be when our society thinks of
prostitution we think of low-class, low self-esteemed, immoral women. We forget that there is
such a thing as a gigolo, however they are more likely to be considered “cool” or
accommodating lonely w omen which would be the opposite of how we portray female

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