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Letter To Eleanor Roosevelt

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Running head: LETTER TO ELEANOR ROOSEVELT Letter to Eleanor Roosevelt Name of Student Name of Professor Course Title Date Institution 1 LETTER TO ELEANOR ROOSEVELT 2 Letter to Eleanor Roosevelt Analysis of the Letter for its Relationship to the Economic Crisis in the United States at that time The letter to Eleanor Roosevelt was written in the year 1935 by a woman asking for baby clothes. The woman could not afford the basic need of clothing to her baby because of the state of economy at the moment. Her husband to the woman was unemployed and this made it difficult for them to cater for their family. The letter clearly indicates the economic times that America was facing at the moment. The Great Depression was a period of economic downturn and the worst experienced by the United States. Unemployment was at 25% and more than 4900 banks had gone out of business. Having to deal with more than 4 million unemployed people was hard for the economy. Those who were lucky to be employed had their salaries slashed by a third or more. People could hardly afford basic needs and the letter clearly shows the crisis. The letter shows the desperation that people had because of the economic c ...
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