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Memorial Health System

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Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCE SYSTEM1 Memorial’s Healthcare System: Organizational Change and Workforce Management for the Future Name Institution ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCE SYSTEM 2 Introduction Healthcare institutions are often faced with various challenges in terms of organizational development and human resource based on the high expectations placed by the society. Memorial Healthcare institution is facing similar problems that have led to the operational crisis in all the departments of the institution. In the last few years, the institution has been facing crisis after another which led to a negative impact as it affected the patient’s, health care providers and the institution at large. Faced with a crisis, the leadership change might have had a worse impact as the new implementations were focused only on organizational development and ignored the human resource. For an organization to achieve better performance, organizational development should be balanced with human resource. Therefore, with the new focus in improving the human resource as well as implementing organizational development, a system-wide change has to be implemented that is expected to influence finances, employee morale, patient satisfaction, and human resource functions. Organizational Development In the attainment of organizational development, there are several factors that need to be implemented within an organization to ensure better perfo ...
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