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Tayor 9

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Running head: ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Annotated Bibliography Name Institution Affiliation 1 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 2 The first bibliography is communication education Taylor& Francis (2018). Communication Education. Communication education, ISSN: 0363-4523 Speech and communication are covered by academic journal communication education. The authors wrote it on behalf of the association of national dialogue which its aim is to enhance and advance the discussion The other one is censor training in broadcasting communication Routledge. (2018). Serious Studies in Mass media Announcement. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 1529-5036. The Western journal of communication The journal educates on mass communication and media while critical idea is the point of view and also the cultural education. Department of communication. (2018). Western Journal of communication. Western Journal of correspondence, 9000 t0 11000. The journal emphasizes on communication that is human also the methodological and theoretical perspectives. It also clarifies on intercultural, interpersonal communication, behavior that uses language, cultural and critical studies, health, communication in the organization and even the speech freedom. David & Booming. (2018). Public Affairs Quarterly. Public Affairs Quarterly, 0887-0373. It looks on social affairs and also the political philosophies hence the capability of solving surrounding issues that involves politics as well as social relations in the day ...
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