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Effective Report Writing

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Running head: EFFECTIVE REPORT WRITING1 Effective report writing Name Professor Institutional affiliation Date EFFECTIVE REPORT WRITING2 The report that was analysed from the BLS reports was on the characteristics of workers who are categorised as minimum wage earners in 2017. The report states that there were 80.4 million workers who were aged 16 years and above in the United States who was paid based on hourly rates. The population represents 58.3% of all the entire population of the salary and wageworkers. The report goes ahead to state that out of the population that is paid on a hourly basis, 542,000 people earned the existing minimum wage rate of $ 7.25 per hour( The report also states that there were abut 1.3 million people who were paid a wage that was below the federal requirement. The population that earned a wage that was below the federal rate made up 2.3 % of the hourly paid workers. The report was able to make use of all the information that was required by the reader and that makes it an effective report. A report should contain all the information that is required by the party that is interested in the report. There are principles that should be followed when preparing a report. The principles of report writing will be beneficial in ensuring that the report has all the necessary information. The essentials of an effective report will include the report having a suitable title. A report has to contain a title that will be in line with the conten ...
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