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HRM531 Week 6 Recruitment and Selection Paper




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Recruitment and Selection Recommendations Paper 1
Recruitment and Selection Recommendations Paper
Lisa Mains
November 25, 2013
Kimberly Reed

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Recruitment and Selection Recommendations Paper 2
Recruitment and Selection Recommendations Paper
For this last task Tracy Goldeman has asked that I select a client to work with from the three
different sized businesses. The objective is to make recommendations for recruitment and
selection planning to ensure the future success of the companys’ business plan. The client that
was chosen was Jason Galvan, who is the head of India HR, and represents the Bollman Hotels.
After reading the communications with the client to capture information about the situation, the
recommendations were designed custom fit for Bollman Hotels. According to Jason, the hotel is
moving from current location in Minneapolis, Minnesota to new location in India, currently
employs 25,000 workers and will hire an additional 20% locally, annually nets 100,000, 000
USD, expects a 15% profit margin increase in net within the first year after the move, and has a
five percent turnover rate, which is expected to remain the same. Carefully attracting, hiring, and
selecting the right kinds of people, with the right skills and abilities, given the diverse cultures in
India will help to ensure that the hotels performance remains solid, it will reduce operational
costs, turnover, and it will gain a global competitive advantage. The following paragraphs
address organizational goals, forecasted demographic changes, projected analysis of workforce
needs, workforce diversity objectives, organizational branding, methods for recruiting
candidates, methods for screening candidates; interview methods, testing processes, methods for
selecting candidates, the required elements regarding impact of diversity on the organization, and
laws to consider for recruitment and selection.
Organizational goals
The organizational goals that the company wants to achieve are the profitability objectives,
which can be maximized by attracting and hiring the best qualified candidates locally for hotel
positions. Jasons’ financial perspectives for profitability objectives are metrics measured through

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Recruitment and Selection Recommendations Paper 3
the efficiency in performance by the amount of room sales dollars that show up as net income,
which he said was 100,000,000 USD. His projected target is an expected profit margin growth of
15% over the next year, and this can be achieved by ensuring competitive costs, good market
mix of product and people, differentiation strategies in product and people, concentrated growth,
high sales volumes, and low operational costs. Another organizational goal defined by Jason was
to maintain the employee turnover at five percent. A recommendation would be to decrease this
to zero within a year by increasing retention, reducing absenteeism, and increasing employee
satisfaction gaps. Employee satisfaction can be increased by taking initiative to provide a great
workplace environment, training, a good job match, variety of tasks, bonus, employee incentives,
competitive rate of pay, and feedback. Therefore, it is imperative that the company market and
promote its philosophy and corporate messages effectively and to choose the best recruiting and
selection strategies to reach and attract the best candidates for staffing the hotel jobs in India.
Forecasted Demographic Changes
Bollman hotel must forecast for the hiring of people with different demographics. First,
ethnicity, the United States demographic that is currently employed with Bollman Hotel can be
transferred to the new location and retained for upper management positions. For employees in
India, the recommendation is to recruit, select, and hire staff from India for entry level positions
with expectation to be trained in the hotels’ culture, processes, and management procedures.
Hotel must also recruit and select trainers who can speak Indian fluently to ensure proper
communication for employees, tourists, and hotel guests. The hotel should consider the age
demographics of the newly hired employees. Since, we know that baby boomers are still
interested in improving their performance and have put off retirement choosing to work we
should consider job/experience, job performance, how to structure jobs, and what they want out

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