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Please answer as much as you can. Thank you! 4. Which
statement about carbohydrate biosynthesis during the Calvin
cycle reactions is NOT TRUE? A) Rubisco is an enzyme
required for CO2 fixation. B) NADPH is the source of
electrons for carbohydrate biosynthesis C) ATP is the energy
source for carbohydrate biosynthesis D) Reactions occur in
the photosynthetic membranes of the chloroplast E) Oxygen
is not required 5. The overall source of energy for
photosynthesis is A) Energy released from the glycolytic
breakdown of glucose B) Energy released from the
hydrolysis of ATP C) Light energy from the sun D) Energy
relcased from the splitting of water to produce oxygen E)
None of the above 6. What is another name for the light-
independent reactions? 7. In what part of the chloroplast do
the light-dependent reaction occur? 8. In what part of the
chloroplast do the light-independent reaction occur? 9.
Name the embedded protein complex found in the
chloroplast that uses excited electrons to reduce NADP\" to
N 10. Name the embedded protein complex found in the
chloroplast that converts ADP to ATP using free energy from
the flow of hydrogen ions. 11. How many CO, molecules are
used in one turn of the light-independent reactions? 12. How
many total carbon atoms leave the cyele of light-independent
reactions before the regeneration phase? 13. Where do ADP
and NADP go after they are used in the light-independent
reactions? Rate Photosynthesis Respiration Time of day
Graph one: the rates of photosynthesis & respiration over
the daylight hours 14. Explain the difference for the
observed rates for photosynthesis and respiratio
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