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Nursing Theory

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Health & Medical
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Running Head: NURSING THEORY 1 Nursing Theory Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Nursing Theory 2 Theory-guided and Evidence-based practice make the foundation of all professional disciplines. Nursing, being a professional discipline, is based on the nursing theory which is the framework that has been established to organize knowledge and enhance understanding of specific nursing phenomena on a more solid and specific degree. As a term nursing theory, therefore, is the body of knowledge applied to reinforce practices nursing. In definition, nursing theory refers to a set of definitions, concepts, assumptions, and relationships or propositions obtained from the application of nursing models and related disciplines. The models offer purposive, systematic view of phenomena through designing specific cross-relationships between concepts with the primary purpose of describing, explaining, predicting and prescribing. Based on this knowledge, this paper analyses the four critical components of nursing theory, and later uses dementia to indicate their usage (Lee, 2014). Phenomena Generally, a phenomenon is known as an event or fact that embodies scientific interest that can be subjected to scientific definition, description, and explanation. However, in nursing theory, the nursing phenomenon is described as a type of factor that influences health status with specific characteristics. As such, nursing phenomena are complex and incorporate human beings and their environme ...
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