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Transplant Tourism Learning Scenario And Reflection

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Running head: ETHICS AND ORGAN TRANSPLANT Ethics and Organ Transplant Name Institution 1 ETHICS AND ORGAN TRANSPLANT 2 Ethics and Organ Transplant Even with the advancing medical treatments, the disparity between the supply and demand for kidney transplantation persists. The disparity has implications for patient outcomes both to the transplant community and the kidney receivers. Some patients continue to struggle to meet some of the increasing demand for transplantation that has forced the patients to start looking outside their countries in search of organ transplant. The issue of ethics arises when dealing with organ transplant particularly when it involves the rich taking advantage of the poor and buying off their organs. From the presented scenarios, the most ethical is the one involving Dr. O'Connor where some countries are showing progress in the implementation of better regulations for the growing transplantation industry. Stating that it is unethical to exploit the poor for their body parts is a contributor to addressing the issue of ethics surrounding organ transplantation. Advocating for equality during transplantation or the need to resist the exploitation of the ...
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