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Ee 2231 Electronics I Lab Experiment 4

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_ Experiment #4: Resistor Capacitor Circuits Name Affiliation 09/27/20018 _ Objective of experiment To measure and analyze the frequencies of electronics in the lab regarding the Resistor Capacity of Circuits. Description of procedures, measurements & data Equipment: • Breadboard • Dual channel Oscilloscope • Resistors (1k Ohms [ Ω ] ) o resistor tolerance ±5% • Capacitors (1µF) • Voltage source – function generator Measurements: The breadboard was used to build the circuits. The function generator supplied the voltage in the form of sin and square waves. Measurements were obtained utilizing the dual channel oscilloscope. • Voltage was measured in Volts • Phase shift was measured in degrees [ º ] • Frequency is reported in Hertz [V] [ Hz ] Theory: The circuit in graph 4-1 contains a resistor and a capacitor in series. If points A and C have constant voltages, 𝑉𝑎 and 𝑉𝑐 , respectively. ~2~ _ −𝑡 𝑉𝑏 - 𝑉𝑎 = Const.𝑒 𝑅𝐶 (eq. 4-1) Part I: Low-Pass Filter The first channel probe was removed and placed on the output of the circuit. The normal square wave was visible on channel two. The distorted wave was visible on channel one (Graph 4-1). The sweep speed of the scope was increased to 0.25 ms/division so that the rise time could be seen in more detail (Graph 4-2). Graph 4-1 Graph 4-2 ~3~ _ The sweep speed of the oscilloscope was returned to 1 ms/division and the frequency of the functi ...
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