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The Mass Media:
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The Mass Media
Part 1
The seven trends that characterize modern mass media are very important. The first one is
audience segmentation where the audience is put in different segments that are determined by
their character. The other one is convergence of the audience where the various participants are
in the various audience segments. Increased audience control is the third trend whereby the
audience is given chance to control whatever is displayed in the media. The fourth is multiple
platforms where the resources are used to come up with various platforms that can be used in
mass communication (Curran, 2010).
The fifth one is called user-generated context. In this case, the users are allowed to participate
in the overall activities that make them more productive in giving positive ideas to improve the
mass media in terms of positive strategies. The sixth point is more mobility whereby the mass
media has become more mobile and portable in the long run. The areas that are covered are quite
wide and touch on different people and audience. The final trend is social media where people
meet and interact via the internet. The use of Face book and Twitter are the most common social
media networks that are used by the young people. Among all these current trends, the one with
greatest effect on society today is the social media. The social media has been commonly used
since many people are technologically advanced these days. Many people today have already
joined the social media networks for communication as well as interaction purposes (Curran,
Part 2

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The functional classification of mass media is very important. It means the efforts that are
carried by the mass media in terms of positive functions in the society. I can explain these
functional approaches or cultural approaches to a friend in five categories namely; surveillance,
correlation, transmission, mobilization as well as entertainment. These approaches are applied in
the context of mass media. These are the main functions served by mass media to our society. All
these elements put together describes the main use of the audience in the media (Golding, 2009).
The surveillance means that the main media gives important news and information.
Correlation refers to the fact the media represents the important information after selecting,
interpreting as well as criticizing it. The cultural transmission function of the mass media shows
that the media reflects the people’s beliefs, norms as well as values. The mass media also helps
us a lot in terms of entertainment especially during our free times. This is in form of music and
funny programs. The function of mobilization means that the media promotes the interests of the
society in times of some crisis. The main approach that makes more sense is entertainment. The
mass media has been offering wide choices of entertainment. The entertainment can be in form
of songs, movies, series, children sessions, funny clips and even cartoons. The people are
entertained especially when they are free and they are happy and relaxed (Golding, 2009). The
fact that the people receive entertainment daily, there are more choices and varieties availed by
the social media.
Part 3
The media technology affects the culture and society today in different ways. The media
technology has affected the culture and society both negatively and positively. The positive

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