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Running head: PROJECT PROPOSAL 1

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Name of the Organization: Leather Solutions
Project Title: Leather Magazine establishment
Project Summary: The projects targets potential markets. It also advertises the company's
Project Time-frame: June 20, 2014-October, 10 2014
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Project Summary
Leather Solutions is a company that deals with the production and maintenance of leather
products which includes shoes, jackets, belts, bags etc. The company was put up by a group of
business students five years ago and has since satisfied its clients. However the company needs
to expand so as to enhance its competition with other local leather companies and increase its
client base. By coming up with a magazine, the companywill be able to solve many problems
encountered since its establishment. These problems include poor competition, low client base,
ineffective advertisement and poor marketing (Kremer, 2102).
The establishment of the magazine, Leather Magazine, will help the company (the sole
stakeholder) achieve its success by enlarging (Hitchens, 2012) its target market since the
magazine will advertise the company’s products and services. The magazine will reinforce the
company’s commitment to its clients by providing links to how one can get discounts and
maintenance services for their leather products. It will also help the company’s clients know the
new products produced by the company as soon as they are produced. The circulation of the
magazine will also help advertise its products and services to new markets .The magazine also
aims at financially boosting the company from its sales. The magazine will also help in creating
more job opportunities as the company will need potential writers and distributors.
The project will not only help the company financially but also motivate employees as they will
be featured in the magazine. Their departments will also be featured and this will help motivate
them and this will benefit the company as well as the employer. The magazine will as well help

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increase the delivery of raw materials (leather) for the company. This will be possible as the
magazine will have a page with open tenders and delivery dates(Kremer, 2102).
Plan of action
Purchase writing materials and printing equipment
Hiring of experienced writers and photographers
Establishing a distribution chain
Release and approval of the magazine
Writing and printing will kick off as soon as the writing materials, printing equipment are
delivered to the company. The writers will also confirm with the management before starting the
job .The cost of purchasing writing materials and paying the writers and distributors will be
catered for by the company. The total cost estimated for the whole project is about $100 000
(Scorsese, 2011).The project is expected to return the capital with and a fifty percent profit
within the first twelve months of the project completion(Hitchens, 2012). The project will be
completed by October and the magazines will be out in the market. The magazine is expected to
bring the company the estimated profit. Leather Magazine should be an annual magazine as its
readers will be expecting it.The time span(one year) will give the readers more time to explore it
and contribute by commenting, booking tenders and sending letters to the company.
The outline of the project charter will include:(Kremer, 2102)
1. The formal authorization of the project. The company will officially authorize the proposal.
2. The scope and deliverables (magazines) of the project will be officially stated. The business
needs, opportunities or problems of the project will be addressed.
3. Identification of the project managers.
4. Provision of the project milestone schedule.

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