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Project Management
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Project Management
Electricity has in recent days has become a basic need in our day to day life’s. Living in
an area without electric connection is a problem in today’s world. Therefore, there is the need for
finding alternative sources of power for communities without electric connections. Some of the
renewable energy sources which can be used to supply energy to such areas include but not
limited to solar, wind and biogas. Due to availability of abundant sunlight in the equatorial
region, we decided to develop a solar power plant which would provide alternative electrical
connection to residents of Rwanda a developing country in Africa (John, 2010).
Historical background
Being a project manager in Solar Tech Consultancy Limited a company in the United States of
America dealing with solar power plant installations, we decided to provide alternative source of
electricity to the residents of Rwanda, a developing country had inadequate supply of electricity
(Hester & Harrison, 2003).
Project description
A solar power plant is an electricity generation station which uses solar energy to produce
electrical energy. The solar power plant is made of many, large high capacity solar panels so as to
provide enough energy to supply the community which had no electrical connection (John,
There were different parties which were involved in the project so as to make it successful. Each
party had its own roles to perform. The parties involved were the US government, Rwanda

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government, Solar Tech Consultancy Limited, community. In solar Tech Consultancy Limited,
people from different departments were assigned specific roles. For us to be able to work in a
foreign country we had to obtain a permit that would allow us to set up the project. The Rwanda
government had to do risk assessment to the project. The community had to cooperate and allow
us to set up the plant on their land which was very important because if the communities did not
cooperate the project would have failed. Some of the community members were adopted to work
with Solar Tech staff to ensure daily activities was carried out effectively (John, 2010).
Solar Tech Consultancy had several departments like procurement, technical, monitoring and
evaluation. The procurement department ensured that all the materials required for the project
were available. The main function of the technical department was to ensure the installation of
the power plant was successful. Monitoring and evaluation department ensured that the project is
carried out within the budget and specified period of time (Hester & Harrison, 2003).
The need was identified during a tour in Rwanda, where we made an observation that some areas
of the country were not connected to the national grid (John, 2010).
The solar Tech consultancy through its procurement department ensured that all the required
materials for the construction of power house, solar panels, connection cables, poles, battery,
inverters, switch board, steel for making racks for laying the panels.
The power house was constructed by masons from the local community.
Racks were constructed using steel which allowed us to lay many panels which increased the
surface area for absorption of solar energy (Hester & Harrison, 2003).

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