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Android Design

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1 Name Course Instructor Institution Date 2 What are the various layouts that are created when a developer utilizes the Fragment option in the Android Design Support Library? What are the components of each created layout? How can these layouts be used (provide an example for each layout)? LayoutInflater One layout created when a developer uses the Fragment option is LayoutInflater which is a layout that instantiates a layout XML to the corresponding view objects ("Fragments | Android Developers", n.d.). Activity.getLayoutInflater() or Context.getSystemService(Class) is utilized in the retrieval of the standard LayoutInflater instance which is configured to the device that is running. Example is the code below LayoutInflater inflater = getLayoutInflater(); View myLayout = inflater.inflate(R.layout.my_layout, mainLayout, false); For the new layout to be inflated, the program tells the inflater the xml file name (my_layout) and the parent layout which is to be added to the mainLayout. Linear Layout Another layout is linear layout. In this layout, elements involved in the Android development gets displayed in a linear way as suggested by the name. The elements of development are either set in a vertically or horizontally. With such arrangements, it sets the android to have different orientations. The following illustrations shows a liner layout. Components include android:id that uniquely identifies the layout. android:baselineAligned component stops alignment of the layout ...
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