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Marketing Plan
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Marketing Plan
Due to the increased of calls for a shift in consumption of sugar-saturated drinks as a
means to deal with increased obese cases, coca cola introduced coke zero. This is a sugar free
beverage aimed at targeting diabetic and obese people. It is designed to have a similar taste to
that of coca cola classic (Bottke, 2003). It represents a growth opportunity for the coca cola
company and a way of creating competitive advantage in the market. In Africa, it failed to
resonate with the customers due to poor advertisements and marketing techniques. It was meant
to attract customers who shy away from diet colas. In the following marketing plan, I wish to
discuss a successful way of introducing the coke zero into the African market.
The organization has numerous strengths. It is considered one of the best brands in the
globe about the value. It is the most valued brand ($77,839) in the world according to inter-
brand. It also has the largest beverage market share in the world of about 40%. Due to its status
as the largest beverage producer, it has bargaining power over its suppliers that make it possible
for them to get the lowest price available. It also enjoys a large customer group, which is very
loyal. It has an extensive distribution channel serving over 200 countries handling over 1.7
customers daily (Mainwaring & Lee, 2011). Coca cola increases its sales as well as brand
recognition through substantial advertising and marketing. The team is continually focusing on
corporate social responsibility. This includes energy conservation, product recycle and reuse,

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water stewardship among many others. This boosts company’s social image, which results in
competitive advantage. It operates in some of the fastest growing economies around the world,
which means more people will be able to purchase its products. In addition, the company has a
relatively un-volatile stock with a Beta of zero 51 (Bottke, 2003).
The company is faced with several weaknesses. There is increased focus on carbonated
drinks. The firm’s business solemnly focuses on selling carbonated drinks. This strategy will
work in the short term. This is due to the steady growth in consumption of these drinks in
emerging economies. However, in the end, it faces a significant challenge. There is increased
fight against obesity and the world is steadily shifting to the consumption of healthy foods and
beverages (Wood, 2005). Coca cola has an undefined product portfolio. It is focusing primarily
on dealing with beverage business. This puts the firm at a disadvantage since the overall
consumption of soft drinks is slowly stagnating. In the near future, the company will face an
uphill task when penetrating new markets such as selling snacks in order to sustain its current
level of growth. Coca cola has a significant debt level which amounts to almost $8 billion
(Hefner & Woodward, 1999).
This has increased its interest rates and borrowing costs. It is also affected by adverse
publicity. The company is often criticized for its high water consumption especially in dry areas.
It is also often accused of using harmful raw materials in the production of its drinks. In addition,
it has been handling cases of worker neglect especially in the South American region (Bottke,
2003). They are accused of poor working conditions especially since production often involves
dangerous chemicals. Another organizational weakness is brand failures. This has resulted in the

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