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DSM V to identify a coded disorder


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Please note that my tutorials are just a help and must not be taken as a ready to submit assignment for
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add the concepts that have been taught in the class. No maer how hard we try, our answers are bound
to be a lile generalized because we don’t know what was taught in the class. Take help and if you are
sa$s%ed with the help, leave a posi$ve ra$ng immediately, irrespec$ve of your grade in the exam. This is
because the tutor has spent $me and eort in giving you help and you also need to read and make
changes to the help before subming it formally. If you are not happy with the tutorial, please contact
me rst. I will refund you. You don’t have to rate F (unfair) to get your money back, this is not ethical.
Due 10 Sept no exceptions please Paper Requirements
Use the DSM V to identify a coded disorder and use the symptoms of that
disorder to create a client and case vignette. The client you create should
meet all the criteria for the diagnosis you select. See following page
Student project paper organization and points distribution:
2 pts APA cover (page 1)
3 pts APA format entire paper (running heads and citations etc.)
20pts Accurately completed Multiaxial sheet (page2)
50 pts Create a client and present your client in a narrative using clinical
language and terminology to describe symptoms of a DSM disorder. DSM V
guidelines and criteria. This section must be at least 4 pages long and no longer than

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5 pages (pages 3, 4, 5, 6) you will be penalized 5 points for each ½ page short of the
4 page narrative.
Make this person real…
What do you observe when you meet and speak with this client
What does this client say and how do they say it
Describe symptoms of your client that represent indicators for an Axis I diagnosis
Include medical issues. You must include at least one medical from Axis III
Describe background and environmental contributors to the diagnosis at least three Axis IV
factors Also provide demographics, age, race, sex etc…
Discussion of the GAF explains criteria as it relates to your client (a paragraph 5pts.)
You must give your client at least one assessment/ inventory/test relevant to confirming your
diagnosis (depression inventory, substance abuse, OCD, bipolar or anxiety inventory etc...)
Discuss and explain the results of the inventory ( a paragraph 5pts)
Justify your diagnosis using DSM V criteria, terms and rule outs.( a paragraph 5pts)

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Use information secured from your two peer reviewed journal articles on the subject of the
diagnosis to support your diagnosis,(a paragraph for each article 10pts)
10pts APA Resource/ reference page (page 7or 8) you must use and document
the following:
You must use, document and cite in text, at least two peer review journal articles on the topic of
your diagnosis.
The articles appear in reputable psychological research journals.
Articles must have a publication date of 2001 to present.
Document where you secured your assessment
10pts Appendix Place a copy of the inventory/assessment you used with your client in the

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