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Health care Marketing Analysis Paper

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"Jusce, and Eciency and Government Intervenon in Health Care Markets"
Please respond to the following:
•Speculate on how each of the three described theories of social jus$ce would view
government programs designed to provide infant and child care to the poor using tax
•Select a health care market and describe how it deviates from the perfectly
compe$$ve model and recommend policies that could repair the devia$on(s) from
compe$$on you iden$%ed.
"Government Regulaon: Principal Regulatory Mechanisms" Please respond to the

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•Determine which of the major regulatory strategies adopted in the U.S. has proved
to be the most bene%cial to consumer health care. Explain your ra$onale.
•From the e-Ac$vity, determine if there have been mergers or closing of hospitals in
your area in the last several years. Explain those closings / mergers in the context of
the material presented in this chapter. If no closings have occurred in your area, %nd
closings nearest to your area.
Health care Marketing Analysis Paper
Women’s health has increasingly gained attention over the past decade around the
world and also in the United States. There has been an increasing awareness in the
health care industry of the need to dedicate more resources to women’s health as a
means of empowering the women health wise and also launching research into some of
the commonest and sometimes fatal illnesses that are peculiar to women.
The organization of choice for this paper is a women’s hospital. The Paul and Judy
Andrews Women’s Hospital at Baylor All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth, Texas
opened in March 2008. The four-level hospital is dedicated solely to the health care
needs of Tarrant County’s growing female population. The $95 million hospital began
with a $10 million donation from Tarrant County benefactors, Paul and Judy Andrews,
Jr., to the All Saints Health Foundation.
Attached to Baylor Fort Worth, the Andrews Women’s Hospital offers advanced,
interdisciplinary care for every phase of a woman’s life – from childbearing age through
menopause and beyond. Conveniences and comforts have been designed for women,
their children and families, and support attending physicians and staff in an efficient and
patient-centered fashion. The Andrews Women’s Hospital facility offers traditional
maternity services, including a level III neonatal intensive care

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unit (NICU), gynecologic care, an antenatal testing center, and includes a wide range of
specialty services including a comprehensive breast center and reproductive medicine.
This paper will attempt to analyze the health care marketing strategies of this hospital
using the strategies of Product, Price, Place, and Promotion and how it has contributed
to the hospital’s success while also examining its partnerships and target market
The Product in question in this paper is the Paul and Judy Andrew’s women hospital at
Baylor All Saints’ Medical Center in Fort Worth. The hospital is a state of the art facility
that took about $95 million to complete and brandishes some of the most comfortable
patient rooms in the whole Texas. The labor and delivery department has one of the
best array of monitoring equipment to ensure the highest standards of care for both the
pregnant mother and the unborn child. The unit recorded over 5000 babies born in
2010. The Neonatal intensive care unit is also reputed for its expert care of new born
babies with medical issues and premature babies. It also takes care of pre- and post-
operative gynecological cases and runs a cancer center that is designed for the highest
comfort and care of the patient and their immediate families. In fact, in 2009, the Paul
and Judy Andrews Women's Hospital at Baylor
All Saints Medical Center at Fort Worth was selected to receive the Innovation in
Women's Health Award sponsored by The Snowmass Institute and Key Nurse Leaders.
The Price/cost of health care at the facility has also made it a destination for most
women in the immediate community that the hospital serves. The fact that most
insurance are accepted also helps in making the cost low for most patients that use the
services of the hospital. This is an important marketing strategy for the hospital given
that it serves the not so wealthy population of Tarrant County.
The Place or Location of the hospital has played an important role in the success of the
Andrew’s women hospital. Tarrant County is one of the fastest growing Counties in
Texas and in fact in the nation as a whole. According to information from the counties

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