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Hsm tp270 week 3 day 7 : Steps To Writing a Grant

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hsm tp270 week 3 day 7 : Steps To Writing a Grant
Steps to
Writing a Grant
Summarize the steps to writing a grant proposal
for the scenario you chose from Appendix B:
Outline the grant proposal writing process from
beginning to end.
Create a needs and problem statement for the
Ensure the summary consists of 1,050 to 1,700
words and is in paragraph form.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Day 7 80
Program Scenario Five
Santa Rosa Philharmonic Youth Symphony
Organization Mission

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The Santa Rosa Philharmonic Youth Symphony’s mission is to educate and advance the skills of young
musicians, enabling them to reach their highest potential. The repertoire is often difficult and always
challenging, and the young musicians are selected by open auditions held in June of each year.
Transforming youth and building capable young citizens with a love of music
Excellence in musicianship and scholarship through challenging and attractive musical opportunities
Excellence in leadership training and skill development—professionalism, education, integrity, and
Music education
Appreciation and mutual respect
Financial soundness
The Santa Rosa Philharmonic Youth Symphony (SRPYS) strongly encourages its young musicians to
participate in their school music programs. SRPYS schedules events to avoid conflicts with school
activities, and excuses absences resulting from a school music program. In addition, SRPYS works with
local and regional music and arts organizations in strategic efforts to emphasize the important role of
music and arts in education and society at all levels of education and government.
Brief Community Description

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The community of Santa Rosa loves its music; due to education funding cuts, however, music programs
have been eliminated from the public elementary and middle school education programs. Parents and
educators alike are concerned that, without this music experience, Santa Rosa youth will lose their
appreciation, enjoyment, and participation in music programs within the near future as music education is
now limited to the high school and college levels.
Stakeholders are any person, group, or organization which has an impact and which is
impacted by the existence of an agency or particular program. When evaluating a plan,
process, program, or policy, it is important to consider all stakeholders in the evaluation
tools (questions, surveys, data, and required data) to help realize what information is
needed to provide accurate, relevant, and credible end results. Asking the right
questions provides each entity with the information that they need most in order to
properly define whether a program is effective, is meeting the goals, objectives, and
mission of the agency, and if changes need to be made to provide better solutions.
Different stakeholders have different needs and may include any person who has
dealings with the agency; staff members, administrative personnel, policy makers,
clients, community members, funding organizations, and many more. It is vitally
important to receive input from all participants (no matter what their role within or
outside of the organization) to cover the most ground and identify what the needs of the
stakeholders are by their own definitions. Without taking into consideration the needs of
all, the important questions may never be answered and may fall far short in the
development of new projects or refinement of existing programs. Accessing
the experiences and information that stakeholders may have in their repertoire severely
limits the open-mindedness which allows for fresh, new aspects and ideas for programs.
The Santa Rosa Philharmonic Youth Symphony (SRPYS) is an organization which
promotes the education and advancement of skills in young musicians. With budgetary
cuts within the school system, elementary and middle school music programs have
been removed from the curriculum. This not only reduces the number of youth who will
utilize the services of this organization by reducing interest and the nurturing

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