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Racial Barriers And Inequlaity In Mlb

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Political Science
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1 Racial segregation and inequality in major league baseball Name Course Professor: Date 2 Introduction Sports are integral to the growth and development of the community. Sports dominate essential parts of people’s life. They dominate television shows, films, and print media. Sporting activities influence social life such as people interactions, dressing, and politics among other vital areas.1 Sports have a significant contribution to social, economic development in a country. The American baseball culture has influenced society negatively. It has been criticized for gender inequality, oppression, deviant behaviors, and violence among other adverse effects. The Negro Baseball Leagues have a great significance in racial segregation.2 Racism has been a threat to economic growth and development in the world. The minority groups being the black Americans. The Jim Crow laws and other racism rules were strict on the African Americans.3 The minority groups were not considered as whites equals. The groups were not allowed to participate in sporting activities with the white majority. However, the racial inequality ideologies in American baseball have been advanced through film portrays. The people of color are not represented and if included in the movie are misrepresents. A black filmmaker Lee says Black audiences are dying to see themselves portrayed realistically.” The images of blacks being discriminated in cinema go around the world thus advancing racial and gender in ...
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