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Cmit Multiple Choice

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QUESTION 1 (1 POINT) Vulnerability management life cycle is an important process that helps in finding and remediating security weaknesses before they are exploited. Identify the phase that involves the remediation. Question 1 options: Pre-Assessment Phase Vulnerability Assessment Phase Risk Assessment Phase Post Assessment Phase Save QUESTION 2 (1 POINT) Which of the following attack involves in stealing a cloud service provider’s domain name Question 2 options: Cybersquatting Domain Snipping DNS Poisoning d. Domain Hijacking Save QUESTION 3 (1 POINT) Identify the command which is used to adjust RSSI range Question 3 options: python –i –F MOD_2FSK -F 314350000 python -j -F 314000000 python -r -U "-75" -L "-5" -M MOD_2FSK -F 314350000 python -r -M MOD_2FSK -F 314350000 Save QUESTION 4 (1 POINT) From the following identify the technique through which an attacker distributes malware on the web by sending a malware attached email and tricking the victim to click the attachment. Question 4 options: Social Engineered Click-jacking Spearphishing Sites Spam Emails Drive-by Downloads Save QUESTION 5 (1 POINT) Which of the following statement is true for Service Request Floods A. An attacker or group of zombies attempts to exhaust server resources by setting up and tearing down TCP connections B. It attacks the servers with a high rate of connections from a valid source C. It initiates a request for a single connection ...
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