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Global Staffing






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Global Staffing
Every company finds it challenging to recruit and select top executives for an
international location. The nationals of the host country will be aware of the local laws
and customs and may accept a lower wage as well, but may not be familiar with the
company’s culture and policies. The company’s employees, on the other hand, will know
about the company’s business, culture, and policies, but might not be familiar with the
culture and customs of the foreign country.
Your MNC is expanding its operations to South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, or
Columbia). The subsidiary in South America will be manufacturing automobile parts. As
a human resource executive, you have to decide how you will staff this new location for
top- and middle-level management, and other employees.
Using online library resources, and the Internet, respond to the following:
Which model will be most appropriate for staffing each group: ethnocentric model,
polycentric model, or global model? Explain your reasoning for each case.
Write a two-to-three-page paper in Word format. Utilize at least three scholarly sources
in your research. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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Which model will be most appropriate for staffing each group: ethnocentric model,
polycentric model, or global model? Explain your reasoning for each case.
Please prepare a few PowerPoint slides outlining the answer to the week 4 assignment.
I would like each of you to create a model/organizational rendering showing your
organization. This can be in the form of an organizational chart. You might want to
review actual automotive companies as a reference.
Global Staffing Paper
The following report is an overview of Dell Company as it expands its computer
business into the Indian market. This paper identifies the challenges facing Dell as it
expands into India, including the cultural and regulatory factors involved. In addition
this paper will identify the staffing strategies employed by Dell including the recruitment
and selection process of its business managers.
This paper will discuss the changes to Dell's organizational structure as it expands
into the Indian market. A competitive analysis is also made, which shows the strategic
alternatives and choices for the future. [This paragraph is too short: either add more
detail or join it to another that deals with the same/similar topic. Remember that a
paragraph is a series of sentences that relate to a particular point that you want to
make. They usually consist of four or five sentences "bunched" together around one
Industry Identifications
During this century it is estimated that Economic and political world power is will shift
eastward toward China, Japan and India. These countries are expected to challenge
the centuries-old dominance of Europe and America. The worldwide PC industry may
be one of the first industries to feel the presence of the new eastern rivalries. The

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challenges that will no doubt befall other industries will be felt first through the PC
as the expanding Asian PC industry provides an early and substantial threat to the
companies of Europe and America.
In both manufacturing and consumption, Asia/Pacific represents the most dynamic
region of the worldwide PC industry. The U.S. market remains robust, but growth will
slow as saturation approaches. In contrast, the short-term, high-growth regions are
Asia/Pacific, Japan, and Latin America. On the manufacturing side, U.S. PC companies
depend on Asian suppliers. The Asian foundry has enabled U.S. players to gain and
maintain substantial market share on the world market, however tested and confident
Asian manufacturers are now gearing up for expansion across the Asia/Pacific and into
the United States. Soon U.S. PC suppliers will be competing with aggressive Asian
companies in both regions.
(Indent paragraphs) Asian players, primarily Japanese and Korean corporations, are not
strangers or novices in the U.S. market. Toshiba has been a perennial leader in the
laptop market. NEC has enjoyed mixed results. Many others tried to compete in the
United States in the late 1980s, predominantly as IBM clone suppliers. That initial foray
was short lived and largely unsuccessful, but a second, better-planned, assault is
imminent. The new waves of Asian suppliers are not just me-too players scrambling for
low-end market share. Instead, manufacturers are looking for strong, early positions in
the race to provide the next-generation personal computing devices that are project as
such a huge opportunity in the consumer market.
The people at Dell believe that their continued successful will require teamwork and
continuous learning on the part of each team member in order to develop and grow. Dell
focuses on building a pipeline of talented, diversified individuals in order to meet current
and future staffing needs in order to develop Dell's leaders of tomorrow. They focus on

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