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IT Impact on Small Businesses


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Impact of Information
Technology on Small
Research Paper
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This paper describes the current state of information technology in the small businesses; how
IT has impacted the way business is done in that field, and what technologies
companies/individuals in that field will need to embrace to stay competitive in the future.

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Small businesses are very important in the growth of any country economically. In the modern
world there is a strong connection between Information Technology and small businesses. Small
business is very important in the economic growth of a country. Business community is
continuously getting benefits from the Information Technology such as Internet. They use market
places for the marketing of products. Traditional businesses are now changed by information
technology. If we compare current technologies with traditional technologies then we find that
new technologies provide more flexibility. They increase the interaction with business partners
and customers. When companies are facing decline period, then Information technology also has
effect on small scale businesses.
Good companies always provide a platform to customers to buy products and services. These
products and services are transformed from human materials and resources. Customers can
choose products of their needs and add them into virtual shopping cart. Later they can pay
securely and products will be shipped to their given address. Therefore there is competition
among companies to provide high quality services to customers. They should provide reliable
and flexible services by using the latest technologies.
This research paper observes the influence of information technology in insignificant businesses
and explores the essential of information technology for these businesses in the competitive
worldwide environment.

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Information Technology and Small Businesses
Now in the fast and modern world, these businesses also depend on information sources to work
on regular basis either daily or weekly basis. Information Technology gives positive impact on
the small scale businesses. It depends on the adaption of new systems by business owners and
their employees. By using information sources, business owners try to guide their employees for
the growth of company. They show interest in automation of different office departments
including accounts and marketing. This automation is only possible by using different
technologies such as computers, networks and communications. Therefore it is essential to adapt
such resources for ongoing growth stages of business. By taking advantages of technologies, any
company can grow faster and enter in the marketing area.
Collaboration and Communication
Small businesses have to work carefully with their customers to offer merchandises and services.
There should be good communication and interaction between owners and their employees. We
need to increase communication with external vendors for their own products and services. We
can use email system for fast and cheap communication source. It is time consuming to send
paper by post. There are different tools available for messaging and chat. These tools provide the
facilities for the interaction and collaboration. These tools are very beneficial for the small scale
businesses so that end users can share information and get feedback very quickly.
It is very easy to work at any place by using the current technologies. Owners can provide tools
to their employees such as smart phones and tablets and can keep in contact anywhere.
Employers can hire employees anywhere across the world by communicating with them e.g. they

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