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Hospital Job Descriptions






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Hospital Job Descriptions
FLOOR FINISHER: Operates 19-in, oor scrubbing machine. Uses various chemicals
to remove old nishes from oors and to clean carpets. Uses mops and buckets to
clean up residue from oor stripping and to apply new nishes. Must have ability to
examine old nishes, identify their type, and mix chemical solutions to desired
strength to remove old nishes without ruining oor surfaces. Must be able to identify
various types of terrazzo and tile ooring composition and use appropriate cleaning
agents. Must know several types of polymeric oor nishes and appropriate
application to oor surfaces.
CHECKOUT AIDE: Cleans patient’s room after the patient checks out of the hospital.
Must know procedures for properly cleaning patient room. Must know procedures for
stripping o& old linen, cleaning bed frame, and remaking patient bed. Must
coordinate cleaning with check-in desk so that rooms are ready for next scheduled
patient. Must be able to use routine germicidal products to ensure safe patient
HOUSEKEEPING AIDE: Must know procedures and germicidal products for cleaning
patient rooms. Works on a routine schedule established by department supervisor.
PROJECTS AIDE: Engages in non-routine labor tasks within hospital. Must be
capable of working under general supervisor. Typical projects are moving furniture,
cleaning up nonrecurring messes (for example, water puddle caused by broken water
pipe), and moving equipment.
FLATIRON ATTENDANT: Works at nishing end of atiron in hospital laundry. As
pressed sheets and other at linen emerge from atiron, folds linens and places them
on laundry cart. Pushes full carts to linen ware- room.
WASHEREXTRACTOR OPERATOR: Operates commercial washers of up to 3,000-lb
capacity and extractors of up to 1,000-lb capacity. Must know how to load and unload
washer and extractor. Centrigual force extractor requires judgment in loading so that
loads are not out of balance, thereby causing damage to equipment or hazards to
employees. Must know appropriate washing formulas to ensure that linens are clean.
Must know special procedures for assuring that di2cult-to-clean stains are handled to
salvage the linens. Oversees work of assistant washer/extractor operator

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Home Health Aides(HHA) are healthcare professionals, who visit the homes of
the ill, disabled, elderly, socially disadvantaged who are unable to perform basic
tasks and so HHAs provide a wide spectrum of personal and home making
assistance. The people who receive care usually need help with basic daily
tasks such as meal preparation, medication reminders, laundry, light
housekeeping, errands, shopping, transportation, and companionship (Wikipedia,
2007). There are several different agencies which provide home care services
the elderly but all HHAs provide the same care and have the same
responsibilities towards their clients. It is therefore very important for the
caregiver to perform duties with the outmost quality and professional manner
along with their supervisors or nurses so that clients may feel independent,
happy, and safe in their homes.
I work as a HHA at Central Coast Senior Service, Inc. (CCSS). It is a private
healthcare agency that provides assistance for people over 65 years of age.
The office is located in Pacific Grove, California, on 207 16th Street, Suite 300.
The founder and the manager of this organization is Mrs. Mary Cwikla.
My career goal is to get my Bachelor of Science in health science (administration
option) and to then apply for the nursing program to become an RN. The
experiences that I have acquired as an HHA will help me get
a job at the hospital as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) and thereby get me
one step closer to the nursing program.
Internship Description
The CCSS agency provides 24/7 care, and one of my responsibilities is to relieve
my co-worker on time to start on my 12-hr shift. My duties include helping my
clients with what is called their "activities of daily livings" or (ADLs). Part of my

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job duties include helping clients with bathing, dressing, transforming, using the
bathroom, eating, and walking. I also help out with doing the laundry,
vacuuming the house, and cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. I pay close
attention to my clients' diets because most of them are on special nutritional
diets. It is very important for elders to do some kind of exercise once a day (a
few times a week) so therefore, I take them out for a walk or sometimes I get
permission from a Physical Therapist (PT) to assist them with their special
exercises. I also assist them with their medication under my supervisor's
permission. One of the most important tasks for me as an HHA is to listen to my
clients and try to understand them even if it takes a lot of time and patience.
This allows me to get a one on one interaction with my clients and initiate a
comfort zone with them. At the end of the day, I am responsible for recording
and charting everything down in the chart book correctly.
According to Swanson (2005), the personal assistants help the clients in their
daily activities including bathing, personal hygiene, prescribed exercise, help
them with walking, regularly rotate patients who are bed-ridden, take their pulse,
respiration, and blood pressure, and assist patients with their medications. In
addition, the caregiver also provides important human contact, emotional
support, and helps in allowing the client to feel that they can do much of the daily
routines without any help. This allows the client to feel that they are in control of
their lives and that personal caregivers are only there as a helping hand. The
caregivers do some housekeeping to maintain the house and keep it clean. The
duties include: changing bed linen, preparing meals, doing the laundry, doing
grocery shopping, and monitor special diets that most patients have. By keeping
track of patient's progress or decline, the family can figure out if they need to
keep the service or take the patient to a nursing home due to their health

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