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Data Breaches

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Running head: DATA BREACHES 1 Data Breaches Name Course Professor Date DATA BREACHES 2 Data Breaches Definition of a data breach The term data breach refers to intentional or unintentional access to the data of an organization by either authorized or unauthorized parties to be released to untrusted environments (Sen & Borle, 2015). Data breaches are some of the most devastating security threats that many organizations are battling today. All organizations have pieces of information that would like to keep confidential. However, when there are data breaches, such information may be made public or be used against the organization. In 2016, Yahoo announced a series of attacks that took place on its systems. The initial attack occurred in 2014, and more than 500 million accounts were affected (Thielman, 2016). The account holders could not access their accounts, and the information on these accounts got compromised. The primary effect of the breach was the destruction of the trust between the company and its clients. There is substantial evidence to suggest that data breaches are capable of having adverse effects on the activities if an organization, resulting in loss of opportunities. Determining if a system has been infected with a virus A computer virus is a software that when launched an on a computer, is capable of replicating itself and changing the information codes in a computer. The main purpose of a computer virus to gain access to the system, get control of the a ...
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