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Lgbt Affirmative Therapy

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Running head: LGBT AFFIRMATIVE THERAPY LGBT Affirmative Therapy Name Institution Date 1 LGBT AFFIRMATIVE THERAPY Most cultures are against the LGBT people as they feel it is against their practices. This is more prominent among the Asian cultures that are group-oriented in nature and place a lot of emphasis on families as the primary source of identity. As a result, there are numerous unique socio-cultural clinical considerations that are present for the family in the administration of therapy. The Asian culture places a lot of emphasis on loyalty to family and as a result independent behavior that poses a risk to family harmony is very much discouraged (Roland, 2013). In accordance to the culture, family members should never dishonor their family or bring shame to the family or themselves. In most traditional Asian families, parents set the rules and all the children are expected to abide by these rules without disobeying regardless of whether they agree with the parents and elders demands or not. Filial piety of one’s parents and elders is vital in these family settings (Lee, 2000). Additionally, in most health care settings, Asians are often unwilling to accept strong emotions such as pain and grief associated with their family as well as cultural values. These stoic demeanors of people from Asian cultures are often challenging to interpret for most western medical professionals (Lee, 2000). Consequently, understanding these unique socio-cultural clinical considerati ...
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